Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Welcome to Yukon Goes Fishing

To my many (maybe two or three) future followers,

I am graduate student studying fluvial geomorphology, applied hydrology, and environmental geochemistry at a fine institution in Missoula, MT. Originally from the Atlantic Coastal Plain of the eastern US, I have always been a fan of all sorts of fishing. However, during a "family" trip up to Alaska when I was in high school, I fell in love with the sport of fly fishing. Now, what I did up in the great north, B.C. to be specific, could hardly be called fly fishing. "Casting" a dry fly about 10 feet upstream and witnessing six gullible arctic grayling take my fly literally within a foot of my feet over the course of an hour was technically fly fishing, but it has occurred to me that those were a unique set of conditions. Not knowing how to cast, the hydraulics of open channel flow, and information about the life cycle of a mayfly, I consider myself lucky to have caught anything that day. But, I guess that is what guides are for. Since my first experience fly fishing in Alaska, I have yearned to learn the art and skill of catching trout on the fly. I went back to east coast, ventured to Ohio for college, and the dream took a backseat to other pursuits. But, upon arriving in Montana two Augusts ago, I made it a goal of mine to learn how to fly fish. Under the guise of field experience, I set out on what I hope is the life-long pursuit of fly fishing this past summer. With the help of a fellow grad student, the internet, and local fly shops, I am now fully immersed and/or obsessed with fly fishing. This blog will serve as a personal fishing log for this and many more fishing seasons to come and a general outlet for my fly fishing obsession.



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