Wednesday, June 30, 2010

45 fish in a day and 15 minutes

That's right. I pulled 45 fish out of Georgetown Lake in a day and 15 minutes worth of fishing. I caught most of the fish out of a boat trolling, but I also had some success from the shore. While on shore, I was amused by what appeared to be a muskrat. The muskrat curiously patrolled the shores coming to check out my fishing activities several times. Most of the fish I caught from shore were of the tiny variety. I had fun catching these 6 inchers on a beetle that I stripped towards shore. This action would produce five or more hits each time the beetle hit the water. I think these hatchery fish may have been reminded of the pellets they were most likely fed back in their youth. Another highlight of the day was getting Ms. Yukon onto her first trout on the fly. Enjoy the video and pictures from our day on Georgetown Lake in early June.

georgetown lake 6.7.10 from Ivan Orsic on Vimeo.

 georgetown lake brook trout

itty bitty georgetown lake rainbow

Ms. Yukon reeling in the big one

miss yukon's first trout on the fly (she refuses to hold it though)

miss yukon's first trout on the fly


Sarah Taylor said...

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