Friday, November 26, 2010

the trout of 2010

I threw together a video of all of the trout that I caught and recorded this year. These fish were caught from late June through November. The video includes an ode to the this is fly t-shirt in the beginning of the video. I included some of my own music that I produced over the past couple years. Whats even better is that this video made the front page of moldy chum. An achievement that has boosted the views of this thrown-together video into the 300 1,298 views at the time of this post's publishing. Needless to say, I am thankful to moldy chum this holiday season. Enjoy the video.

the trout of 2010 from Ivan Orsic on Vimeo.


Ryan said...

I like the vid. Found your blog on OBN! Very nice. I will follow along.

The Average Joe Fisherman

Ivan said...

thanks ryan. OBN is great.

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