Tuesday, December 21, 2010

december trout picked up on le mouching

I couldn't figure out why the video "december trout" had received so many hits (relative to my other videos) in the past. I was browsing Le Mouching, a french fly fishing site, and happened upon my video, complete with the following description:

L’hiver au Montana… les matins où le soleil perçant les nuages vous ébloui, bercés par les cahots, excités par l’idée d’aller à la pêche, étrange mélange de sensations, l’odeur du café dans les mugs, le froids extérieur qui contrasta avec la chaleur de la voiture. L’hiver, pour tous ceux qui sont frustrés car la pêche et fermée et à qui il ne reste que les réservoirs et l’attente de l’ouverture en Mars, ce film est pour vous.

which apparently translates to:

Wintertime in Montana…mornings where the sun through the clouds make you blink, when rocked by the road curves, excited by the idea to go fishing, mixed feelings, the smell of coffee in the mugs, the cold outside contrasting with the warmth of the car. Wintertime, for all the frustrated anglers who have to go to reservoirs or wait untill open season in March, this film is for you.
I also found the trout of 2010 video on fishpornfix.com. I am blowing up like some random cable access show's big guest.


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