Tuesday, December 7, 2010

YGF on Skate the Fly's Hero Shots Gone Wrong

I have followed the website skate the fly for a while. One of their regular features is the fan submitted Hero Shots Gone Wrong or HSGW, where people submit pictures of them failing to capture the Hero Shot with their prize catch. (SIDE NOTE: Another great, but semi-regular feature is Skate the Fly TV.) From the moment I saw the feature, I knew what series of pictures I would submit to skate the fly. But, I was apparently bashful and put off submitting those pictures to Dylan. Prompted by OBN, I finally summoned up the courage to submit my Hero Shots Gone Wrong. I posted about them earlier this year on this very blog. (SIDE NOTE: you might be wondering, Ivan, if you were bashful and potentially embarrassed by these HSGWs, then why did you post about them on your blog? What is the difference between putting the pictures on your blog and submitting them to skate the fly? Answer: people actually read skate the fly.) Dylan has posted my Hero Shots Gone Wrong and it is glorious. The whole experience of having someone else post (in good humour) about your moment of glory gone awry is cathartic. Pardon my french, it is relieving to admit that your s#@t does indeed stink. Mine does. Can you smell it? So, I call on you, my few followers, if you have a HSGW, submit it to Dylan (dylan (at) skatethefly (dot) com).


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