Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sleep, Dreams, and the Birthday Donut

It's December in Montana and winter hitting us hard.....LIES. It was over 40 F this past weekend, so Bucko, Blakely, and Matt Breuer (of Ponoi River Co.) traveled over to the Mo to harass some of it's trouts. We stopped by Headhunters Fly Shop in the morning and caught up with SOL and Sara. It was a relaxing day on the water, for sure. Several good trout came to hand. Breuer and Blakely dropped spey bombs all over the river, while Bucko and I caught fish with our single handers. It was a little tougher to fish with three people. Our next trip with this motley crew will involve boats. It was Blakely's birthday, so we stopped and got a fabled Birthday Donut from the Donut Hole in Helena.

I got a chance to test out Glacier Glove's Pro Angler Glove. While conditions weren't ideal for testing gloves with the temperatures ranging into the 40s, I gave them a thorough inspection. Look for a review of the gloves in the next couple days. Also stayed tuned because Glacier Glove was generous enough to provide a pair of Pro Angler Gloves for YGF's first gear giveaway.

If you haven't had a chance, check out my interview on the Fish Schtick.

Enjoy the video in HD on vimeo. Music from The Roots "Sleep."

Monday, December 19, 2011

Wahoo: YGF Interview on the FISH SCHTICK

This past week, Brian Bennett of Moldy Chum, Teeg Stouffer of Recycled Fish, and Michael Mauro of Mauro Media contacted me to do an interview with them on their popular podcast The Fish Schtick. I was a little surprised that they wanted to talk to some idiot named Ivan #humblebrag. I got the chance to talk with them on Friday and the podcast was released today. Check it out here. Download it here. Watch out for a lot of "for sures," some stuttering, lots of pauses, and some uhhhhhs an on my part. It is so painful to listen to one's self talk. Also, my breath didn't need to be fresh for a phone interview, but I insisted on chewing a stick of Extra. Terrible life decision.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Silver and Gold

What does Yukon Cornelius love? Silver and Gold. Silver and Gold. What does YGF like? Silver and Gold. Well, more like Rainbows and Browns. Close enough. A video filled with bumbles, abominable snowmen, miners, reindeer, brown trout, and rainbow trout. Consider this the pinnacle of the concept of YGF. It can only go downhill from here.

Music: The Glitch Mob "We Can Make the World Stop"

As always, watch the video in HD on vimeo.

I am releasing this video on YGF and also over on Fly Fishilicious. I wrote up a guest post to go along with the video and she graciously posted it, no matter how poorly written it is. With the holidays around the corner, Jen is generously giving away a Flip Mino HD camera. All you have to do is leave a comment over there. Very cool.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Trout of 2011

The trout of 2011.....that I decided to take video of. Includes a 23" brown, 25" brown, 27" brown, and 28" rainbow. It was a good angling year. Happy Thanksgiving internets. Thanks for all of your support of YGF this year.

trout of 2011 from Yukon Goes Fishing on Vimeo.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

November Rock

Another entry in the Month + Rock series. On my first cast, I broke off the tip of my rod. Second straight trip with a broken rod. If you are counting at home, that is both of my rods. For the rest of the day, I threw awkward casts with a broken rod. It was worth it. Caught some nice Rock Creek browns on streamers and a cuttie on nymphs and streamers. Floating ice made it's presence known throughout the day in the middle stretches of the river. Winter is on it's way. As always, watch the video in HD on vimeo.

Music: Danny Brown & Black Milk "Black and Brown"

November Rock from Yukon Goes Fishing on Vimeo.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


....as in, Madison. As in, mad brown trout. As in, thass some mad brown troutz fishin. Some fall fly fishing for the Madison River's brown trout. The browns were on the feed as evidenced by the 18 inch brown that had an 8" rainbow sticking out of it's mouth. We never found the monsters that the Madison is known for, but some solid fish between 16 to 19" were caught. Things also of note: I took a fall into the mighty mighty Madison and broke my 6-weight. There was some really good habitat immediately upstream of my position and I decided it was worth the risk of wading into some heavier current. I was wrong. I lost my balance, went to my knees (chest deep) and then to my face. Luckily I was appropriately dressed and had a change of clothes in the car. To add insult to injury, my trusty streamer rod was broken as I dipped my face into the river. Watch in HD on vimeo.

music: Beirut "Gulag Orkestar"

mad from Yukon Goes Fishing on Vimeo.

YGF interview with Chi Wulff

I recently did an interview with Mark from the Texas and Montana based Chi Wulff. They have been very generous with posting my videos this year and I was excited at the chance to be interviewed by them. They did a great job of covering the H.B. 309 - Stream Access madness of the spring of 2011 and they've been dropping some bomber friday feast recipes. See part one & two of my interview.

Friday, October 21, 2011


A foggy morning on the Bitterroot turned into a tough day of fishing. No epic streamer fishing was to be had. Two streamer takes all day. A 17-18" brown was angry and/or hungry enough to take an original and a 20" rainbow wanted to become internet famous until it threw the streamer's hook. When 2:30 rolled around the BWOs started hatching and some fish were caught up top. Check it out in HD.

music: yael naim "toxic"

Also, this is the 100th post on YGF. Fitting that it is a video.

UPDATE: It's actually my 87th post. Apparently, I have 13 drafts laying around.

toxic from Yukon Goes Fishing on Vimeo.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

OBN is all growed up

Well, if growed up is 1 year old, then consider OBN all growed up. Like many of my fellow fly-fishing bloggers, a year ago, YGF was floating in the film of the internet waters waiting to be taken in by some undefined online outdoor community. Thanks to Rebecca and Joe, YGF and many blogs like it have found their place in a well defined online community: Outdoor Blogger Network. Most of YGFs success can be directly traced to the extremely supportive and engaged members of OBN. I wouldn't dare to think where this blog would be without OBN.

To celebrate their 1st birthday, OBN is giving away a plethora of outdoor goodies to it's members. So far on the giveaway list - outdoor books, waterproof boxes, pedometers, backpacks, angling gloves, sleeping bags, and a couple fly boxes. It is quite a celebration. 

Thanks again and congrats to OBN, Rebecca, and Joe.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

October Rock

Another entry in the Month + Rock series. Another trip up to Rock Creek in search of some it's bigger fish. Threw streamers all day. It was productive. Primarily threw articulated stuff measuring out to 4"+. Impressed by the 8" fish that decided those streamers would make a good meal. I messed with a Gaussian blur and sharpness filter to the get the high contrast effect seen in this video. As a side note, the last brown trout shown is probably the biggest brown I have caught from Rock Creek. If that fish lived in the Big Hole, it would be an average fish. Watch it in HD. Enjoy.

Music: Alex Goose "No one rides for free"

October Rock from Yukon Goes Fishing on Vimeo.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Wrong Turns

Some fishing trips don't end up as planned. September has been spent in search of Northern Pike on the Clark Fork and looking for pre-spawn browns on the Big Hole. Some of these trips have had a couple wrong turns along the way. No pike to speak of, but plenty of slough and backwater rainbows. No big pre-spawn browns on the Big Hole despite the serious presence of some normally fishy cloud cover.

Instead, enjoy some machete action, the smallest trout in Beaverhead, a 21" inch rainbow, and odes to the Epic Meal Time guys.

Music: Blitzen Trapper "Black River Killer"

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bros vs. BWOs

Earlier this week, LOFI dropped their SLIZANG post detailing the words they use for other words while on the water. While I probably can't drop a list of 40 plus slizang words of my own, I want to feature one of my personal favorites.


It's seasonally appropriate. With fall on it's way, blue-winged olives (or BWOs or Baetis) will be hatching and providing anglers with some hopefully righteous fall dry fly fishing.

But, I ain't talking about bugs. I'm talking about Bros. Brosephs. Fly fishing bros = BWOs. Say it like a kid with a speech impediment. Like the one I used to have. And to think my dad wanted to name me Rory. That would have been a disaster.

It can be used in some of the following ways:

"I'm just BWOin' out, drinking a High Life"

"That boat is filled with BWOs. There is a BWOverload."

"Look at those BWOs over there, slapping casts on top of those risers."

"Whatchu catch BWO?"

"BWO, please."

It should be used in place of Bro and mostly with a lot of sarcasm.

Oh, and now a "Rum Ham" is a nice fish.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Big streamers for pike

Those of you who have followed YGF for a while, know that I have a soft spot in my fly fishing heart for big streamers and the fish that eat them. One of my goals for the angling year is to catch a pike on the fly. I haven't been putting out the honorable effort to complete that goal. Well, that is about to change. A friend of mine here in Missoula has fished for pike in the past and has tied up quite a collection of well proportioned streamers. Josh is letting me borrow them in my quest to get a pike on the fly. Take a look at a couple of them.

some Pike-ish top water streamer action

The bottom one has similar dimensions to the streamer that snapped my 5-weight. Poor decision.

Red - a common color in pike flies. Apparently it makes them rage. Rage away pike. Rage away.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

September Rock

I spent a day up on Rock Creek this weekend. I was in search of another species, but all I got into was Rock Creek browns. While, that species wasn't interested in being internet famous, some typical Rock Creek specimens were. The day started with a solid with a 17-18" brown, which is a veritable brown trout trophy on the Rock. It was cloudy all day and streamers seemed to be the ticket. Later in the day, some fish started to rise and I was able to use some the flies that I won from a recent contest on Fly Water's Edge. Kevin sent me a tin of good looking foam damsel flies, hoppers, beetles, and ants. I strung up a hopper with an ant dropper and the ant did the majority of the work. Check out Fly Water's Edge for Kevin's recent trip to the Driftless Region. Enjoy the video.
September Rock from Yukon Goes Fishing on Vimeo.

I have been sitting on this footage for a while. My parents came out to Montana last month and I just got around to putting together the footage. If you are looking for fly fishing video, this isn't for you. But, if you want to see some of the beauty that Glacier National Park has to offer then this one's for you. Enjoy.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Trifecta

This past weekend, Bucko and I, hit the Trifecta of favorite southwest Montana waters: the Big Hole, the Beaverhead, and the Slough. The conditions for fishing were tough. The sun was ever present and as such, the streamer fishing was too great. With this year's high water many of the hatches have been pushed back. Throughout the weekend, the PMDs were coming off with relative strength. It was a unique experience to fish a PMD and trico hatch in the same morning. There was some outstanding sight nymphing on the Beaverhead on Saturday. Bucko spotted a 25 inch brown trout from a bridge. Our goal was took hook the fish. Based on it's position in the river, landing it seemed nearly impossible. Bucko hooked up to the fat submarine of brown from the bridge and the fight was on. The brown seemed a tad clumsy. It seemed as though the fish just recently gained a great deal of weight and said weight was proving to be quite cumbersome. The brown took three uninspiring, but entertaining jumps and finally came unbuttoned after taking a run downstream. Enjoy the video.

The Trifecta from Yukon Goes Fishing on Vimeo.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fishing with my Sister

My family was here the last couple weeks. It was a great time. I don't get to see them often enough and it was good to spend some quality time with the parents and the little sister. I was able to make it out on the water with all three of them during their visit. With wildfires affecting West Riverside just east of Missoula, I headed out to Rock Creek with my sister. It was her second time fly fishing (and the first time since the late 90s). I thought she picked up on things pretty quickly and was casting with relative ease by the end of the day. No monsters were caught, it is Rock Creek after all, but it was a great day out on the water with my sister. I just wish I could have helped her catch a fish on the fly. Enjoy.

 P.S. Check out the Troutrageous T! Shirt appearance. It's nice.

Where There's Smoke, There's Fire from Yukon Goes Fishing on Vimeo.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Montana Steel

A steelhead sized rainbow trout was caught somewhere in SW Montana. This is that 28" trout.

Montana Steel from Yukon Goes Fishing on Vimeo.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Literally Friday Crap

I am not giving up on this Friday Crap series. I am going for the win (IAGFTW). This entry brings you, the faithful viewer, a hungover rock climber pooping himself. I know, Lunker Hunt, I know. Internet gold.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Damn. LO FI is clogging digital toilets.

The guys at lofifly.com just dropped their most recent digital turd....and IT HUGE. A digital toilet clogger of sorts. It's got everything you want out of a fly fishing short, specifically a monster of a fish and amazing use of color correction. I have some work to do to catch up. Enjoy.

DOUBLE DOWN from LO FI FLY on Vimeo.

Friday, August 5, 2011

"Wood Stays Hard the Whole Tine" - Domingo Ayala

Oh Hi, How you doing? This is the third installment of the award-winning Friday Crap series. Apparently, some others want join in. This installment brings you Domingo Ayala, 4-time home run champion, 5-time batting champion, 5-time stolen base champion, 3-time first rounder, 7-time infielder of the year, and 6-time outfielder of the year, and all-around great beisbol player. In this video, Domingo Ayala of the Domingo Beisbol Academy teaches you how to hit a Home Run.

In this video, he teaches you how to steal a base. Watch out for the firing lizard.

In this video, Domingo teaches you how to hit for average. Watch out for the backdoor bunt.

If you enjoyed these Domingo Beisbol Academy videos, check out Domingo play catch for a scout, catch with Hank Conger, teach infield fundamentals, teach outfield fundamentals, and turn double plays. And remember, "It's God Given."

Thursday, August 4, 2011

____ in a Barrel

Fill in the blank. This edit/video/film is decidedly longer than any of my recent edits/videos/films. There is a reason for that. On Monday, the fishing on the Ruby was in a word, epic. As such, the edit/video/film is epic (in terms of length).

The combination of overcast skies, cloudy water, and a healthy brown trout fishery produced the best day of streamer fishing a fisherperson could ask for. Bucko, who has fly fished for 9 years, agreed. Sometimes trips are about the journey, the experience, the surroundings. This trip was about all of those things, but mostly it was about some stupid good fishing.

From 11 am to 6pm, the Ruby River's brown trout threw themselves with reckless abandon at our streamer offerings. Often times following the streamer from bank to bank, then breaching the surface to mash on some articulated goodness.

Around six in the evening, the fishing was interrupted by a massive thunderstorm. Following the storm and a little dinner, we returned. Fish were rising. Rainbows and browns were boiling at the surface. Trout were everywhere they should be and they were seemingly eating anything that was well presented in front of them. Bucko and I doubled up at least five times that evening. Then, as if it could have gotten any better, Bucko landed a 27" brown trout. The longest of his life.

I had too much footage from this trip. I had enough footage that I included the misses and my bleeped reactions to said misses. Enjoy in HD.

____ in a Barrel from Yukon Goes Fishing on Vimeo.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Basketball (for those of us who can't jump as high as NBA players)

This Friday late night post has nothing to do with fishing, fly fishing, trout, pike or the like. A friend of mine turned me on to the Mini Basketball League (or MBL). A bunch of white kids, an 8.5 foot hoop, a mini-basketball. It is basically like a real-life NBA JAM. Check out this article for more information or just watch this amazing game recap to figure it out for yourself.

Top this Lunker Hunt.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Hit up some familiar local water with Zach from False Casts and Flat Tires one evening last week. The going was a little tough. We managed to move a couple fish on streamers and nymphs, but no fish came to hand. I don't often do this but, through the magic of self-editing, I put the footage from the evening of fishing from last week together with some footage from a more recent trip out to the same water. I was able to get into a couple solid cutthroat on nymphs. Some dark mysterious fish chased some meat during the beginning of the day, but nothing came of it.

As some of you may know, Amy Winehouse was found dead in her apartment this weekend. Say what you will about her life choices, she could sing. I came across a remix of "Tears Dry on Their Own" by Organized Noize and Dungeon Family and fancied it a whole wad of awesome and used it as the soundtrack to this video. Do yourself a favor and listen to this video with some real speakers. Specifically, speakers with good low end. Enjoy.

grown from Yukon Goes Fishing on Vimeo.

P.S. If any of my wordy followers and blogging friends want to name the next YGF video. Please leave a comment with your suggestions. I am running out of video naming steam. As evidenced by the title of this video..."Grown."

Friday, July 22, 2011

Not that there's anything wrong with that

I see how it is, spin fisherman. I wanted to say something about how I would be a lot more offended if this guy didn't have a spectacular moustache. But, I was never offended. I can take a joke. Mostly, I just wanted to give props to an excellent 80s era moustache.

I am one upping the Lunker Hunt with an even more hopeless Friday night post. That's right...an 11:50 pm Friday night post. Boo-Yah.


I am drunk. I have been drunk since the beginning of May. It is not the kind of drunk you measure in BAC, but the kind you measure in CFS. I am drunk with runoff. I haven't seen normal flows in nearly three months and it's affecting me.

At this point, enough fluid has passed me by, that my beer goggles are in full effect. From afar, any and all clear water looks low and worthy of my fishing attention. This past week, the Clark Fork, the Bitterroot, and the Big Hole all have looked beautifully low.

While all of those rivers could be considered fishable, for a man without a boat, they are far too high to effectively fish. Last weekend, I fished the Big Hole. It was flowing at more than 4,000 cfs or, in more relatable terms, at least four times higher than I have ever fished it. While it gave up a couple dinks, it certainly wasn't the Big Hole I have come to love.

On the way back from the Big Hole, I passed by the Bitterroot. Up high, near Darby (water that I hadn't seen yet), I exclaimed, "Look at the Bitterroot, it looks maaad low right now." The goggles were in full effect. As we drove downstream and passed more familiar water, I realized that the Bitterroot was indeed still high. High and clear. Fishable, if you were ON A BOAT.

Certainly these rivers are on the drop, but, my runoff drunk has me thinking it is a typical low water summer. I just hope this high water hangover doesn't last too long.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Cutties and Bows

Found some clear and fishable water outside of Missoula. Still running high. The fish were stacked up in deep, soft water. Hooked into a gaggle of fish. Some monsters were hooked, but not landed as they found their way into fast water and came undone. Nice summer day on the water.

.....And I got a new camera.

Cutties and Cutbows from Yukon Goes Fishing on Vimeo.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mo Water on the Mo and the F3T

When we left for the Missouri this past Friday, it was flowing at about 18,000 cfs below Holter Dam. When we arrived in Craig on Friday night, the Mo was flowing at 21,000 cfs. This 3k rise in water was a recipe for bad fishing. The day of poor fishing was confirmed back in Craig as many of our fellow fisherman shared our luck. To be expected I suppose. Rising water always displaces fish and they need time to adjust to the new conditions. Instead of catching a lot of trouts, I tried my hand at casting on the recently submerged Craig campground; I caught one 12" brown trout; I checked out the worm hatch; and I was heckled.

We went to Craig for more than just fishing. The F3T was in town and Headhunters had a gaggle of pre-film activities planned for the night. There was free bbq, a $1 dry fly sale, vendors, free beer, a casting contest, free bbq, free beer, free films, free swag, and other free things. After a day of skunktastic fishing, free food, beer and swag was a nice pick-me-up. The guys at Headhunters know how to have a good time. Bucko took second in the casting competition. He lost by one point. If he had managed to strip off 2 extra feet of line, he would have taken home a knife and a hat and the pride of being the best. Instead, he just got a hat and the title of the best loser. I didn't take any video or pictures of the celebration. But, SOL and John Arnold of HH were all over the place taking photos and hopefully they will make it on to the Headhunters blog in the near future. I also ran into Zach from False Casts and Flat Tires (another Missoula-based fly fishing blog). His camera was in tow, so look for some pictures from the festivities over on FCFT.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I Love Bull Trout Part II

I need to fish the Swan River this year. I don't know if the Swan has swarms of bull trout like the Metolius does, but apparently it is a pretty healthy Bull Trout fishery.

Why It Is Not Fun To Be A Whitefish On The Metolius River from Chris Eaton on Vimeo.

The Clark Fork is Flowing.....High

The Clark Fork River, which flows west through Missoula, is flowing at historically high levels right now. If you don't live here or didn't study this river for 3 years, you might not be as excited about these high flows as I am. It should be no surprise, that when temperatures rocket into the 80s (in the valley) and some significant rain quickly follows, that the still sizable snowpack in the Upper Clark Fork basin will begin to melt. Currently (as I type), the Clark Fork above Missoula is flowing at 24,900 cubic feet per second (cfs), higher than I have ever seen it during my time in Missoula.

And it is rising. The National Weather Service is predicting that the CFR will peak at around 13.39 feet 14.8 feet 13.95 feet or approximately 30,000 cfs 34,000 to 35,000 cfs 31,000 cfs on Thursday. If it peaks at around 30,000 cfs 34,000 to 35,000 cfs  31,000 cfs, the flows will be the fifth second fifth largest during the 82 years of record.

Larger flows will only have been experienced in 1908, 1948, 1975, and 1964. As a fluvial geomorphology nerd, I am excited. Excited to see a 16-year 40-year 16-year Recurrence Interval flood. Excited to see the Clark Fork hit Major Flood Stage. Excited to see how the restored section of the Clark Fork holds up and adjusts.

Hopefully the people and properties around Tower Street are relatively unharmed.

UPDATE: NWS has estimated that the peak flow will be pushed back to Friday and will top out at 13.95 feet, which is the equivalent to about 30,500 to 31,000 cfs. Still a significant flood. Not the second biggest of all-timessss though. I am done updating this until the peak actually happens.


Friday, June 3, 2011


This past Tuesday, I headed down to Dillon to fish the Beaverhead with Joe/Jergens/Joey Dubs from Evolution Anglers. It was a great day on the water and a solid day of fishing. The Beaverhead, a tailwater, is seemingly the only low flowing river in Montana at this time. The water managers were only letting out about 400 cfs of water when we fished it on Tuesday. I have only fished the Beav at double that flow, so I was a little odd to have the low flows, but I quickly got over that fact when I realized how much wade fishing was possible. The largest fish we managed was an 18-19" brown trout, not nearly the size of fish that Joe managed throughout the week. Blame it on the cloudiness in the water downstream of the High Bridge. Blame it on late hooksets and poor nymph placement by myself. Whatever you do, don't blame it on Joe, a great fisherman and guide at the Stonefly Inn. I hope to do it again sometime this summer. It was a good day. Enjoy the video with an ode to the Boom Goes the Dynamite Guy.

YGF X Evolution Anglers: BOOM GOES THE BROWNOMITE from Yukon Goes Fishing on Vimeo.

Monday, May 30, 2011

End of the Worlders in Yellowstone National Park

If you were in Yellowstone National Park on Thursday, you may have seen the End of the World RV. I ran into the driver of said RV in the visitor's center. His pressing questions were not about any major upcoming eruptions in Yellowstone. Instead, he inquired about which of the Yellowstone's campgrounds were open. I guess he was trying to appreciate the little things in life with the rapture coming in a couple of months and all.

Where is the nearest campground? Is it open? Will my End of the World RV have a spot there before the End of the World.

In other news, YNP was open to fishing this weekend. I left on Friday, so I wasn't able to participate in the opening weekend, but, the Unaccomplished Angler was. The UA hinted at the bad weather that was predicted for West Yellowstone this weekend. Joshua Bergan from Troutbugs confirmed it. During my time there on Thursday and Friday, it snowed. Only a couple of inches, but snow nonetheless. It made for a unique opportunity to view the park's hydrothermal features that wintery white stuff.

Upper Falls - Yellowstone River
Lower Falls - Yellowstone River
Grand Prismatic - a bit foggier than usual - cold weather to blame
Sex Dungeons - fresh and ready for the Big Hole
Boogie Men and Heifer Groomers - hopefully grooming and boogying some heif in the near future
Big Hole Browns - Eat These Please
I fished for about a half-hour this weekend. I did stop by the Slide Inn and picked up some streamers for the season. I could have gone for broke there. So many articulated streamers, so little money. But, I am making up for it with a day trip to the upper Big Hole or Beaverhead with Joe from Evolution Anglers on Tuesday. I am looking forward to it. Should be a good time.

Friday, May 20, 2011

If the Rapture Comes Tomorrrow...

I will be happy knowing that the last fish I saw was a 25" brown and the last fish I caught was a 20" brown. See you tomorrow world???

Saturday, May 14, 2011

twenty five inches of "$%@! you, high water" brown trout

The Clark Fork, the Bitterroot, Rock Creek, the Blackfoot, the Big Hole, everything local is running high and muddy. Runoff is upon us. It is no where close to peaking with plenty of snow left in the mountains. The fluvial geomorph nerd in me is hoping for a whopper of a runoff. Whatevs. Back to the task at hand - fishing. Bucko and I went back to some familiar ponds and ran into some nice fish. I caught a 20 inch brown and was feeling pretty good. Bucko caught a 25 inch brown. $%@! you, high water. Watch in HD on vimeo.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sometimes Whitefish eat Sex Dungeons

The Bitterroot is fishing well. Yes, of course, the March Browns were hatching. But, in news I care about more, streamer fishing is picking up. So well that, a tiny whitefish decided to join the party by hooking itself on an articulated sex dungeon. I have no clue how it fit the hook in it's tiny tiny mouth, but I am guessing it didn't mean to. It promptly gave up when hooked and did none of that signature whitefish head-shaking that helps an angler identify it on the other end of the line. I imagine it didn't like the sizable intruder that was the sex dungeon and nipped at it to make it go away. When the sex dungeon bit back, the poor poor whitefish just gave up. Oh yeah, some nice browns and rainbows were also caught. As always, watch this gem on vimeo in HD.

sometimes whitefish eat sex dungeons from Yukon Goes Fishing on Vimeo.

Monday, May 2, 2011

A Weekend on the Blackfoot

Two weekends ago, I camped up on the Blackfoot River with a couple friends. The river was turbid and higher than normal and fishing was tough, but I managed a handful of trout and some whities. On a positive note, my friend Laura Verhaeghe took some great photos. Here is a sampling of her work from that weekend on the Blackfoot. See more of her work here.

painted YGF in lights

Blackfoot Morning
Sunrise on the Blackfoot
Sunrise on the Blackfoot
Sunrise on the Blackfoot
Spring Frost
Spring Growth
echo carbon and the guru
Casting on the Blackfoot

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Asian Carp Hunters

This video makes me proud to be from 'Merica. The invasion of Asian Carp in the Mississippi River basin is no laughing matter. Guys riding around in spiked suits of metal with swords and football helmets trying to slay Asian Carp is a laughing matter.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mining for Browns

Sure, "mining for browns" is a phrase one could also use to describe picking a wedgie. But, this is a video about brown trout. Big ones. Abandoned mining operations litter Montana's landscape. Surprisingly, some of the mining operations have provided fertile environments for trout to live, grow, and eat streamers. This is one such operation. Watch in HD on vimeo.

Mining for Browns from Yukon Goes Fishing on Vimeo.

I got skunked this trip, luckily Bucko was there to catch some browns.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

You Can't Go Beachcombing...

A couple friends and I fished upper Rock Creek yesterday. It was crowded. Washington, Idaho, and Montana plates dotted access points up and down Rock Creek Road. Seeing how busy it was on Rock Creek Road, I am scared to think what it was like on the Bitterroot yesterday. Skwalas were out, as were March Browns, Gray Drakes, and Midges. It was a solid day of fishing considering the amount of water that we had to pass up because of the throngs of out-of-staters lining the banks. Anyways, the title of this video comes from a statement that was made by Bucko about old men beachcombing at nude beaches in Hawaii. As always, watch in HD on vimeo.

You Can't Go Beachcombing... from Yukon Goes Fishing on Vimeo.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Orvis: In Need of Lessons in Customer Service & improved wader quality

First of all, I have avoided writing this post for a while. I gave Orvis a break and assumed that they actually care about customer service. However, recent events associated with my wader repair have driven me to write this post. This post is an atypical one for YGF and is not necessarily meant for my regular readers, but for some prospective Orvis customer that searches the interweb for information about the company, the quality of their product, and the quality of their customer service. All of which, I have found to be extremely disappointing.

Here is a quick rundown of the sequence of events:

1) got Orvis waders in december 2009
2) major leaks developed by november 2010
3) sent waders in to Orvis for repairs January 27th 2011 (typically takes 4 to 6 weeks)
4) told waders would be replaced not repaired
5) Orvis receives waders on February 8th, 2011.
6) Orvis tries to fix waders they said they would replace
7) March 14th, 2011 - I contact Orvis and they inform me that waders could not be fixed and I would have to pay for new ones. I tell them that they told me I would get new waders, they fold and set me up to get waders sent to me on April 5th, 2011.
8) April 7th, 2011 - I contact Orvis and they inform me that the replacement waders would not be sent until May 6th, 2011 (3 months after they received my waders). I tell them that this is unacceptable, send me a pair of waders from one of your retail locations, overnight.
9) Waders sent standard shipping.
10) Waders scheduled to arrive today (a half of a month to a month late).

A more detailed version of the story is provided below.

When asked what I wanted for Christmas 2009, I knew I wanted waders. I had been looking at Patagonia, Simms, and Dan Bailey waders for a while and had heard great things about all three companies. But, their waders are expensive. So, I searched the internet for "sweet deals" and found the Orvis Pro Guide 3 waders on sale. So, I asked for a pair of the Pro Guide 3 waders, figuring that I could get a high quality wader for less. A pair of waders that would hold up to the wear and tear of field work and fishing. I happily used my new waders for about a year, but some major leaks formed. I tried patching them to no avail and finally sent them back to Orvis in February. When I contacted Orvis and told them about the leak that had formed at the junction of the neoprene booty and the upper leg and they informed me that based on the nature of damage, my waders would be replaced.

While I put my waders in the mail on January 27th, according Orvis, the waders were received on February 8, 2011. Based on their diagnosis, I hoped that I would receive my waders sooner than the typical 4 to 6 week repair time frame. I contacted Orvis on February 8th and was informed that my waders were "currently at our repair facility in the process of being repaired. We should be done with them soon." I was confused because I was told the waders would not repaired and would simply be replaced. They informed me that they were going to try to repair them, which would take 3 to 6 weeks.

I contacted Orvis, via e-mail, on February 14th and 28th. On the 28th, I was informed that "We received them on Feb 8, 2011. There is a 4-6 week turnaround on wader repairs. "We will do our best to get them tested, evaluated, and repaired as quickly as possible." A completely reasonable response from Orvis. I responded with a slightly dickish email "So, I should expect the return of my waders between 3/8 and 3/22. Will you let me know when they have been repaired and have been shipped or am I going to be surprised when they show up at my door?" They told me that they understood that the season was fast approaching and they would contact me on a weekly basis informing me as to the status of the repair. On March 3rd, I was told they were still being repaired.

I didn't receive an update for the next ten days. So, I emailed them on March 14th. They responded with the news that my waders could not be repaired and that I was to call them to talk about possible solutions. Firstly, I would think that such a significant change in status would warrant some contact from their end. I shouldn't be the one to contact them. Additionally, this email was confusing to me and made it seem as though I would have to pay for something that I originally was told would be replaced....for no cost. After playing phone tag for a couple days, I finally spoke with a representative from Orvis' wader repair center. I was informed that my waders had more than 50 holes and they couldn't be repaired. While, I didn't know that there were 50+ holes, I knew originally that the waders could not be repaired. I was then informed that since I returned them more than a year (a whopping month) after I had received them, that I didn't qualify for free replacement waders. Instead, I would have to pay 25% of the retail value for some new waders.

Becoming increasingly more frustrated, as calmly as I could, I told them that I thought it was a load of donkey dung that I didn't quality for free replacement waders because I didn't return them a month earlier, even though they had been leaking since November. Combining this with the fact that I was told that I would receive new waders from the beginning, they quickly changed their tune and told me that I would qualify for a replacement pair of waders. However, the waders that I wanted could not be shipped until April 5th, 2011. I accepted that fact since I felt as though I had received what I deserved.

April 7th rolled around and I contacted Orvis about a tracking number for my package, that was supposed to be sent on April 5th. I was told that my waders would not be sent until May 6th because of some factory delays. I asked why I hadn't been informed about this change in status and they swore that they emailed me. After conducting a thorough search of my inbox and trash folder, I quickly realized that they had not contacted me. I called them the next day, miffed about the fact that I wasn't contacted about yet another major change in status, and went off. At this rate, I was scheduled to receive my replacement waders a whopping three months after they supposedly arrived at the repair center. I told them that such a wait was unacceptable, they were a big enough company, call one of their retail stores and send me a pair of waders from the retail stores. They found a pair and I suggested that based on the length of the wait for these waders, they should overnight them. They agreed. They were supposed to arrive yesterday if overnighted. I planned on going fishing in my new waders today. I was planning on a day of dry fly fishing on the 'root. But, they never arrived. One last insult to injury, I contacted them and they told me that they were sent standard, not overnight.

They are scheduled to arrive today. A half-a-month to a month late. A day late. Finally, I will be wearing waders that fit and hopefully don't leak. I have been wearing my 5'8" to 5'10" shrimpish friend's waders for the past 2 months. I am 6'2". The fit has been a tight one.

When you compare my experience with Orvis to my experience with Patagonia's customer service, the differences are mind boggling. I contacted Patagonia once about my boots. They sent a replacement pair of Rock Grip studded/sticky boots in a prompt and reasonable timeframe (I think it was two weeks or so). Apparently, Patagonia had received reports that the studs were coming out (something that I had experienced, but hadn't complained about). So, yesterday, when I was patiently waiting for my waders to arrive, I got a package from Patagonia with a set of new, bigger, longer studs for the Rock Grips, unprompted and free. That is good GREAT customer service.

UPDATE: The waders have been received. I can confirm that they are indeed waders and they fit. More to follow when they actually get used.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Biggest Trout of My Life

I am not going to dilly dally around the events of this weekend. It was great. Went to the Madison River, the Ruby River, Warm Springs Creek, and some name-redacted ponds and caught fish in each body of water. The weekend started with the biggest trout of my life. A brown trout, 4+ pounds, between 22 to 25" inches (a guestimate), with a massive head took the M&M's streamer that George Kesel tied up for me in some ponds. While, the fishing could only go down from there, I was able to manage some solid fish on the Madison, despite the 40 mph winds and gusts of 60+ mph. The Ruby River, which has been described as a mini-Beaverhead, certainly proved to be worthy stop on our trip as it's browns were healthy and hungry. It was a great weekend of fishing. Check out the video (in HD). I am fully aware that I have two pairs of sunglasses on in portions of this video.

fly fishing the madison, the ruby, and some ponds
from Ivan Orsic on Vimeo.

Side Note: Clif from the Lunker Hunt recently spent some time out here in Montana on the Big Horn River. Check out the video, posts, and pictures from his trip. Looks like it was a good one.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hollywood Hole Rainbow Trout

I am not one for remembering the names of holes. I would rather describe waters by location, number of side channels, and hydraulics. Fluvial Geomorphologist NERD alert. But, the Hollywood Hole on the Clark Fork River, is one hole name that I remember and use in conversation. The Hollywood Hole is located adjacent to the south of the Doubletree Hotel and east of the Madison St. Bridge in downtown Missoula. The convergence of Rattlesnake Creek and the Clark Fork to the east signifies the beginning of what is known as the Hollywood Hole.

It is known as the Hollywood Hole because everyone and their mother can watch you fish. People walking to school. People eating brunch. People sitting on the porch outside their Doubletree room. People walking from school. People eating lunch. People walking downtown. People walking away from downtown. Everyone can watch you flail about or shoot precise casts to a pod of fish.

The rainbows seem to be stacking up in the Hollywood Hole preparing to spawn in the Clark Fork or up the Rattlesnake. As a result, some big fish can be had on worms, skwala nymphs, and flashback pheasant tails. Nothing on the surface, but I am willing to nymph this time of year, if there is promise of a size-able fish on the other end of my line. Watch the video in HD on vimeo and enjoy some "urban" trout fishing.

Music from Blockhead "Yesterday is Here (Tom Waits Remix)"

Sunday, March 27, 2011

The YGF Bracket Challenge is over before the Final Four even starts

And Elena, a fellow geoscience graduate student at the University of Montana, has reigned victorious over myself and three fellow outdoor bloggers. Seeing as she was the only one who picked Kentucky to win it all and the rest of us picked OSU, her victory is not surprising. At least we were only doing this challenge for the pride (of lions). Congrats to Elena. This is her victory lap.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fly Skwala Fly

I hit the Bitterroot recently. The beginnings of the skwala hatch seem to be here. Apparently, the thing that people like about the skwala hatch is the fact that it brings up some of the bigger fish to the surface, as evidenced by the 17" cutbow that I caught on a skwala imitation. Not going to say too much more, just going to let the video speak for itself. Watch in HD on vimeo.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

All talk, some fish

My friends Bucko, Laura, and I went to the Missouri River this weekend. The forecast for Saturday was supposed to be in the low 50s, partly cloudy/party sunny/cloudy with a 20% chance of precipitation. Great fishing weather. With everybody and their mother fishing the Bitterroot's skwala stonefly hatch, we had high hopes for some superb surface action and big Mo trout on streamers.

When we checked in with SOL and Scumliner at Headhunters Fly Shop in Craig, they told us that the nymphing had been slower than usual and most people seemed to be having success swinging streamers. The surface action was patchy, but present. They also told us that it seemed like all of the Mo's rainbows had left the river and began to spawn, as evidenced by the majority of people's quarry being brown trout. By the way, if you ever go to the Missouri, I highly recommend Headhunters Fly Shop.

The weather seemed to be cooperating and an epic day of fishing was about to be had. I started out the day with a 14 inch brown trout - a small Missouri trout to say the least. I bumped my way into a pod of feeding browns and was able to swing the Original to them and elicited several strikes. Finally, I was able to wrangle a 19" brown to my net. Noon arrived and while it was snowing and the temperature had stayed in the 30s, the day was off to a solid start. I was catching fish.

Somewhere between noon and 3:00 pm, the productive fishing fell apart. The temperature never rose into the 50s. It seemed to stay in the low to mid 40s. There was more wind than expected and clouds dominated the sky. We left our original stretch of water and headed upstream only to find a gentleman in a boat fishing to rising fish. However, this guy was no more than a rod's length from the boat launch at the Silver Bridge. A frustrating sight to say the least. As a wade fisherman, it is more than annoying to see someone fishing "wader's water" in a boat. You have the advantage of the boat, use it and let those of us on foot to cover the water closer to the put-ins. We left the Silver Bridge and went upstream to Holter Dam. Fished below the dam for 15 or 20 minutes, then returned to the Silver Bridge, only to find the same guy in the same boat about 20 yards downstream from the put-in. Did I mention this guy missed three or four fish on the surface then at least two while nymphing?

At the end of the day, I brought three fish to hand. Bucko managed a tiny rainbow and Laura was skunked. Not the epic day we had hoped for.

I am trying something a little bit different with this video. Since, the fishing was slower than we hoped, I decided to include some of the conversations that were had on the way up to the Mo. Unfortunately, the microphone in the Flip doesn't capture sound that well, so my voice is the clearest. Bucko's comes and goes and Laura's is nearly non-existent. Topics included: the vaunted South-Weastern Conference (spelling intended), the Birthday Donut from The Donut Hole of Helena, the Belt Rock Supergroup, mica-rich environments, bleeping out swear words, the Chappelle Show, streamers, sarcastic encouragement, and heckling of the boat ramp fishing man in a boat. Topics not caught on camera: my domination over my fellow anglers and options for travel within Helena (did you know that it doesn't matter which direction you turn in Helena, you will end up at your intended destination. Left or Right? It doesn't matter.)

If you like your YGF without three idiots talking, I have provided the no-talking cut (see V2). If you want to venture into the black hole that is our conversations, check out the V1 cut. Let me know which one you prefer. I don't think I will do another video like this, with talking throughout, but I want to include some in the future.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thank you sir, may I have another - Miami Tarpon at Night

The guys from fishpornfix.com have provided some great support for my videos and have posted four of my videos on their popular site. Recently, they got into some ridiculous night time tarpon action down in Miami. While this has been posted on thisisflydaily.com, moldy chum, and le mouching, I figured I owe the fishpornfix.com guys a post. Keep them coming.

I've Got Work in the Morning But.... from Fish Porn on Vimeo.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Official YGF Bracket Challenge

It's tournament time. Here's my bracket. Beat it I dare you. I don't like it, but I never like it. Join in on ESPN if you wish. Password is ygf. This is for pride. No money, no rewards. Just internet pride.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Fishing is picking up in Western Montana

Or at least it should be. With skwala hatch and it's associated low-holing and high-holing anglers on the horizon of the Bitterroot, this video will be the last re-imagined video for the remainder of the season. After this post, it is 2011 content. I am looking forward to the new year. Here is some re-imagined video from one of my favorite trips from 2010, the Madison River in November (see the original.) It is a little effects heavy, but I enjoyed putting it together. I played with the saturation. Desaturating the video completely in the beginning and slowly increasing the saturation until the trout started making an appearance. The music is from Butch Clancy. It is a remix of Shirley Bassey's "Diamonds Are Forever." Enjoy.

yukon goes to the madison revisited from Ivan Orsic on Vimeo.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Do I look this idiotic while fly fishing?

Claritin has a new ad out. I know what you're thinking. Yes, I have been waiting for a new and exciting antihistamine ad campaign. This artistic gem of an ad features a whopping four seconds or so of an actor waving around a fly rod like the lightsaber kid on psychedelics. Is that what the general population of non-fly fisherman thinks of our chosen hobby? Indiana Jones with a lanyard, some LSD, and 9 feet of graphite, fiberglass, or bamboo?

Spawning in my streamer box

My streamers seem to be reproducing. I am having more and more trouble storing them (them being the set of primary streamers) in the cliff's bugger barn. On Monday, I picked up 14 gift-certificate funded streamers from the now defunct Kesel's Four Rivers Fly Shop. George tied five white/red double screamers (or the el blancos), five yellow/red double screamers (or the M&Ms), and four white Muddlers. George is a great fly tier and he will be sticking around Missoula and tying custom flies for those who are interested. We have been getting some warmer temperatures recently here and apparently the streamer bite is starting to improve. Hopefully, I can confirm that this weekend.

new streamers (from top to bottom: the M&M unweighted, the M&M weighted, the el blanco unweighted, the el blanco weighted, muddler)
The Double Screamer Lineup (from top to bottom: the original, the modified, the M&M, the el blanco, the rasta)
the streamer box stocked and ready for the upcoming season (note: the right side is all double screamers - I have a problem)

Monday, March 7, 2011

March Rock

With the recent warmer weather we have had in western Montana, I took an opportunity to fish Rock Creek on Sunday. It was a sunny day in the low-to-mid thirties and midges were plentiful on the surface. Nemouras (little black stoneflies) were also seen along the snowy banks of the rock. Unfortunately, that did not translate to any dry fly fishing. I spent most of the day with whitefish at the end of my line. Around 3 o'clock in the afternoon, I finally found a pod of brown trout. It had been more than a month since I had caught a trout, so, I took the 12 to 15" browns seemed like giants when I brought them in. The magic combination for the browns seemed to be a skwala colored Pat's Stonefly with a brassie hanging off the back.

As a side note, I don't think it is terribly good for one's body to have the entire lower left leg soaked in 34 degree water for 5 hours at a time. As I have complained in previous posts, my primary waders are being repaired and every time I have gone out this winter, I am quickly reminded why I got a new pair. With leaks in both legs and crotch, there isn't much comfort or warmth to be found in my backup pair. I "Can't Wait" until my primary pair of waders return. It will be a third christmas of sorts. Enjoy the video (music by Vitamin String Quartet - "Flashing Lights" a Kanye West Tribute).

March Rock from Ivan Orsic on Vimeo.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Freshwater Fly Fish Fighter Mini Fly Clip or F4MFC for short - get it

Made of durable plastic and high density foam. Clips to your hat, waist pack, lanyard, sling, pocket, and so much more. Carries a days worth of dry flies, a medley of nymphs, streamers, and dries, a bunch of nymphs, a couple huge streamers, or whatever combo you can fit on it. Made by a fellow blogger. Made in AMERICA (North that is...specifically USA)

That is how I would describe the Freshwater Fly Fish Fighter Mini Fly Clip that I was lucky enough to win on the Freshwater Fly's Facebook page last week. I won the contest on Wednesday, Jeff put it in the mail by Thursday, and I had it by Saturday for my two hour outing on the Bitterroot on Sunday. I didn't manage to get into any fish, but the value of the Mini Fly Clip was extremely apparent. While on the water, I use a hip pack (i.e. fanny pack) and a lanyard. While this setup generally stays out of my way while actively fishing, there is one minor drawback. Ease of access to fly boxes. It is not a huge deal, but it can be slightly annoying to try to shuffle between colors of streamers or retie a double nymph rig after one of those oh so rare wind knots without losing a size 20 nymph in the process. With the Mini Fly Clip, I am able to select three different articulated streamers before hitting the water and easily switch between the three without the trouble of finding my fly box in the midst of some face paced streamer fishing. Additionally, the Mini Fly Clip is perfect for keeping a zebra midge or brassie in a safe place while retying my leader after a break off or a tangle. I would definitely recommend this to any angler who wants to streamline their experience on the water. Oh, yeah and it is 6 dollars.

Other, more distinguished bloggers have reviewed the mini-clip. See The Fiberglass Manifesto and Troutrageous for those more distinguished reviews.

Check out the mini fly clip on this obviously superior baseball teams hat. Fits perfectly.

The Freshwater Fly Fish Fight Mini-Clip & the "P"

two screamers and a sex dungeon (all articulated - both hooks fit on the mini-clip)

from the side - gobs of feathers and the clips

Monday, February 28, 2011

Kesel's Four Rivers Fly Shop closing it's doors

Today, I was planning on posting a review of the Foam Mini-Clip from the Freshwater Fly that arrived in my mailbox this past Saturday. I am going to hold off on that to talk about some sad news.

I spoke with George Kesel, the owner of Kesel's Four Rivers fly shop here in Missoula, today about picking up some gift certificate funded streamers that he is tying up for me. I went on to ask him how everything else was going since I hadn't been in his shop for a better part of a month. He said something to the effect of...

"Well, things here have been a little interesting."

"How so?" I responded.

"We are closing our doors." George said.

Something looked off when I saw some 8.5" by 11" signs plastered shop's windows when I passed it on Sunday. Of course, when any local fly shop closes, it is sad news. For me, the closure of Kesels Four Rivers is a sadder than most. (SIDE NOTE: Kesel's was recently voted Missoula's second favorite fly shop.)When I started seriously getting into fly fishing two and a half years ago, I chose Kesel's as my go to shop. It wasn't too big (and therefore overwhelming) and George is an extremely approachable guy who was willing to help this newbie find his way into the confusing and rewarding world of fly fishing.

The shop was typically a one man operation. I went to him with a multitude of questions - most of them stupid and he was always willing to deal with my novice and chicanery. He has an engaging conversational style and is not afraid to tell you flat out when you are wrong. A quality which I respect and appreciate.

I tried to do my part and bought my fair share of flies, a couple lines, a reel, a rod, a net, and the like from Kesel's, but apparently the past couple years have been tough ones for the shop. George said that the closure of the shop comes as a bit of a relief. The pressure is off of him now. He said he will be doing a lot of fishing and golfing in the coming months. I hope that I can persuade him to get out on the water sometime this spring. He seemed amenable to the proposition. So, next Monday, when I go to pick up my streamers, I will be saying goodbye to a shop that has meant a great deal to my evolution as a fly angler.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fly Fishing Film Tour in Missoula - A Review

About four or six months ago, I set my watch’s alarm for 7:15 pm. I think I was in a forest service cabin sipping on some of Snake River Brewing's finest with a couple friends after a day of fishing for brown trout on the Madison. Something on the stove was in need of a watchful and specifically timed attention. So the alarm was set. To be honest, my memory is a little fuzzy and I could have set the alarm on the Big Hole. Whatever I was doing, it was awesome. Everyday since, the alarm is a reminder to do something awesome. Recently though, the alarm has found me staring at a map of my field work in ArcGIS or at a paragraph from the methods or results section of my thesis.

Last night, when 7:15 pm rolled around and the alarm sounded, I was about 10 minutes into the “Red Like Winter” with a Double Haul IPA in hand. Red Like Winter is a film on flyfishing for ginormous redfish in the marshes of Louisiana. It was the first of 9 short fly fishing films, also adoringly referred to as fish porn, shown at the 2011 Fly Fishing Film Tour (F3T) in the historic Wilma Theater in Missoula.

This was my first time at the F3T and it was amazing. It served as the perfect salve for the recent cold snap we have experienced here in Missoula (read: it was cold as $%*# last night [-2F + wind chill]). This year’s lineup of fish porn included Red Like Winter, Greenstone, Satori, GeoFish, Speed Muscle Teeth, Musky on the Fly, Black Tailed Devils, Midwest Smallies, and Blue Water.

I could on for a while about the films. What I liked and what I didn’t like. I will spare you. Instead, here is a brief synopsis through the respected writing tool that is bullet points.

  • If you like yelling at the TV screen when something on it excites you, the F3T is for you. Verbal outbursts of support are encouraged.
  • This year’s F3T has a very salty lineup (“Red Like Winter” - redfish, “Satori” - permit, “GeoFish” - snook and other salty species, “Speed Muscle Teeth” - mako sharks, “Black Tailed Devils” - permit, and “Blue Water” - billfish)
  • I like everything RA Beattie puts out. Beattie is a fish porn icon of sorts for me. This year, he submitted “Blue Water” and “Midwest Smallies”. I would have liked to see some of the redfish footage that he put out a couple of months ago, but the shots in Blue Water and Midwest Smallies were of typical Beattie quality. I think his style is pretty understated. He doesnt try to be to flashy and lets the images speak for itself.
  • It was nice to see a fellow blogger producing quality fish porn. Robert Thompson, or RT, from third year flyfisher put together Musky on the Fly. He always comes with well-framed shots of fish and the places they live and he did so with this film as well. It was a little interview heavy, but I think that was a function of the “zero to hero” quality of fishing for muskies (truly a fish of thousands of casts). The end of this film is nuts (hint: involves a fly, a pike, and a massive musky).
  • Montana’s own 406 productions showed their F3T debut “Black Tailed Devils”. It was a solid production to say the least.
  • I think my two favorite films were “Red Like Winter” and “Satori.”
  • I liked “Red Like Winter” for the sheer size of some of it’s redfish and a sequence that involves 4 pound tippet and 20 plus pound redfish. Although, their claim that any portion of exposed skin will freeze off in the Louisiana winter air was laughable. During my walk to the bar after the show, I had trouble opening up my mouth to talk because my jaw was seemingly frozen shut.
  • I liked "Satori" because it captured the frustration and triumph that results from the seemingly impossible task of fly fishing for permit. Plus, they included some science with a clip about tagging permit and their gamefish status. If you were there and you heard someone yell “Science!!!!!” that was me. Nerd alert. I wanted to yell it earlier. I was able to keep it inside for a little while, but the urge was just too strong. I am considering it as my "yelling things out loud" calling card in future.
  • “Speed Muscle Teeth” really tried to pump up it’s extreeeeme Mountain Dew factor with some Mako shark fishing. I enjoy all sorts of fishing and fishing for Mako looks like a great time, but there was no need to outwardly defecate on trout and steelhead fishing. Some of the jabs at many peoples chosen target on the fly were unnecessary. I am not a huge fan of divisive statements and I would preferred Speed Muscle Teeth have just presented the unique style of fly fishing and let that be the selling point. Adding an ironic element to the film, the last image of Speed Muscle Teeth was the no pebble mine logo. Make up your mind, "bro."
  • “Greenstone” was shot by two guys on one camera during their trip to New Zealand. The only trout flick on the tour. The standard New Zealand fare: huge brown trout and beautiful scenery. Seemed like a nice trip and they captured it well. Makes me think I can make some F3T content too.
  • Also, I was slightly disappointed that Low and Clear was not shown. It was shown in Seattle and according to Dylan of Skate The Fly it was quite stellar. I really enjoyed the trailer a couple months back and it looked and sounded like a good watch. I don't know why it wasn't shown.
Perhaps, the highlight of the night had nothing to do with the films. Instead, during the raffle (they gave away shirts, hats, patagonia hip packs, sling packs, SA fly line, a Sage 5 weight fly rod, and some Costa sunglasses), a 10 to 12 year old kid won the Sage 5 weight fly rod. Once the crowd realized who had won the rod, the Wilma erupted with applause as the proclaimed “future of fly fishing” made his way down to pick up his new rod. Immediately after the rod was given away, a 20 to 35 year old man won the sunglasses and the chance to win a 5 day guided trip on the Snake River. He was promptly booed.

Did I mention tickets were only $12 dollars and everyone got a F3T hat and a neoprene sunglasses cord from Costa. As I see it, I made 10 bucks last night and I saw about two and a half hours of fish porn.

If the F3T makes it anywhere close to your place of residence, go. But, you probably already know that.

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