Monday, January 17, 2011

Flathead Wilds

Another brilliant documentary from EP Films, The Flathead Wilds is about the unprotected headwaters of the Flathead River in British Columbia. The North Fork of the Flathead, which flows south into the United States was listed as one of the ten most endangered rivers in 2009 by American Rivers because of proposed coal mining in its headwaters. The film tells the story of the North Fork as it follows a group of outdoors photographers. It is well worth the 20 minutes or so and some of the pictures that they capture are absolutely ridiculous. I have spent time in Glacier National Park and have driven through Waterton Lakes National Park and I can honestly say, that this film captures the beauty of the landscape as well as it could be. An excellent watch.

Flathead Wild ReEdit from EP Films on Vimeo.


Cofisher said...

Spectacular! What beautiful country. Ivan do you have information on where to order the whole video?

Ivan said...

Howard, i think this is the whole video. if you enjoyed this, check out the greatest migration, also by EP Films, here:

It is about a historic pacific salmon run that begins off the coast of Alaska and ends up in the Sawtooth Valley of Idaho.

Thanks for comment.

Ivan said...

howard, i think this is whole video. I believe they make their videos for public television and they upload them to vimeo. The same this was done with their video "The Greatest Migration". Check that documentary out on their website and vimeo channel.

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