Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Winter in Yellowstone

I visited Yellowstone National Park this weekend with some friends. On Saturday, we drove the northern road from Gardiner to Cooke City and back to Gardiner in search of some Yellowstone wildlife. We saw our fair share of elk, buffalo, pronghorn, mule deer, and a singular weasel, decked out in it's wintery white. Unfortunately, the weasel came and went before we had a chance to capture in on film.

We ran into some of the wolf watchers that frequent the park some of whom were following the slough creek pack and others following the blacktail pack. We were not able to spot any wolves through the scopes or in the binoculars, but we were assured that they were just there, over on that far slope, behind those trees, across that divide. We have seen wolves during our past trips to Yellowstone, but no luck during this trip.

On Sunday, we went snowshoeing on the upper Terrace Loop near Mammoth Hot Springs. My friend Laura is an exceptional outdoor photographer and she took some excellent shots of YNP during our visit. Check out her website, VERHAEGHE PHOTOGRAPHY. Hopefully, I can get her out to the Big Hole for a day of fishing and photos.

feeding Bull Elk
a cliff located south of Soda Butte Creek
a buffalo winter
Mammoth Hot Springs
buffalo feeding on ze grass
Bull Elk feeding
new growth
Ewe feeding
Northwest entrance to Yellowstone
snowy hillslope
south of Soda Butte Creek



Well, these pics put mine to shame!! I think that I have the bison's cousin on my page today...I have never journeyed out to YNP during the winter, but it did snow the first week of June! Beautiful, no matter what season.

Ivan said...

Your pictures look great. There is a reason I no longer take my camera to Yellowstone when I am with Laura, she takes amazing photos. Wouldn't doubt if there was snow in June. YNP has it's ways.

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