Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Do I look this idiotic while fly fishing?

Claritin has a new ad out. I know what you're thinking. Yes, I have been waiting for a new and exciting antihistamine ad campaign. This artistic gem of an ad features a whopping four seconds or so of an actor waving around a fly rod like the lightsaber kid on psychedelics. Is that what the general population of non-fly fisherman thinks of our chosen hobby? Indiana Jones with a lanyard, some LSD, and 9 feet of graphite, fiberglass, or bamboo?


Jay said...

En garde!
He looks like he learned to "fly cast" from a fencing instructor.
I do believe that's actually how "the others" see us.

FISH TALES said...

unfortunately 50% of the flyfishermen I see ... do, he's definately paying attention to his stroke, you would think he could close that loop a little with that kind of concentration-

Owl Jones said...

I don't know about that guy but that's not how people see me fly fishin! When they look at me casting a line in a creek for trout, they see a guy digging a fly out of a tree. ;)

Yukon, you crack me up - "waiting for a new and exciting antihistamine campaign!" hahaha

( that is a pretty dorky commercial in general. )

Swamp Thing said...

hahaha, I am certifiably the world's worst fly caster and I was embarassed to see this commercial on TV.

Quill Gordon said...

It's always nice when the cold and flu ads give way to allergy remedies but you'd think with the money they have, they would hire an actor who could actually fly fish.

There's another one (I forget the product) where the guy selects a wooly bugger from his box and is shown heaving the thing 90 feet (or so). It looks like someone off-camera held the line behind him to load the rod or they laid the line on the water behind him and told him to swing for the fence.

I'm getting my actor's card and signing up. Hopefully, they will be aiming for the all-important Big Guys With Long Hair and Beards demographic ...

Clif said...

Enough claritin and that whip starts to look pretty trippy. I don't blame him for watching it that close.

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