Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Freshwater Fly Fish Fighter Mini Fly Clip or F4MFC for short - get it

Made of durable plastic and high density foam. Clips to your hat, waist pack, lanyard, sling, pocket, and so much more. Carries a days worth of dry flies, a medley of nymphs, streamers, and dries, a bunch of nymphs, a couple huge streamers, or whatever combo you can fit on it. Made by a fellow blogger. Made in AMERICA (North that is...specifically USA)

That is how I would describe the Freshwater Fly Fish Fighter Mini Fly Clip that I was lucky enough to win on the Freshwater Fly's Facebook page last week. I won the contest on Wednesday, Jeff put it in the mail by Thursday, and I had it by Saturday for my two hour outing on the Bitterroot on Sunday. I didn't manage to get into any fish, but the value of the Mini Fly Clip was extremely apparent. While on the water, I use a hip pack (i.e. fanny pack) and a lanyard. While this setup generally stays out of my way while actively fishing, there is one minor drawback. Ease of access to fly boxes. It is not a huge deal, but it can be slightly annoying to try to shuffle between colors of streamers or retie a double nymph rig after one of those oh so rare wind knots without losing a size 20 nymph in the process. With the Mini Fly Clip, I am able to select three different articulated streamers before hitting the water and easily switch between the three without the trouble of finding my fly box in the midst of some face paced streamer fishing. Additionally, the Mini Fly Clip is perfect for keeping a zebra midge or brassie in a safe place while retying my leader after a break off or a tangle. I would definitely recommend this to any angler who wants to streamline their experience on the water. Oh, yeah and it is 6 dollars.

Other, more distinguished bloggers have reviewed the mini-clip. See The Fiberglass Manifesto and Troutrageous for those more distinguished reviews.

Check out the mini fly clip on this obviously superior baseball teams hat. Fits perfectly.

The Freshwater Fly Fish Fight Mini-Clip & the "P"

two screamers and a sex dungeon (all articulated - both hooks fit on the mini-clip)

from the side - gobs of feathers and the clips


qdog said...

Well its definitely on the right hat. Although perhaps the sticker should say "phight the good phight"

Ivan said...

indeed qdog. unfortunately jeff from the freshwater fly is a detroit tigers fan. no hope for "ph-ing" some "f" words.

Jay said...

You're well on your way to becoming "distinguished" yourself. Good review.

Ivan said...

thanks jay.

Jeff Ryan TheFreshwaterFly.com said...

Very nice... Thanks again Ivan. If I ever get to Missoula we're going fishing! @ qdog... I like that "phight the good phight!" Very clever!

Ivan said...

most definitely jeff.

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