Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hollywood Hole Rainbow Trout

I am not one for remembering the names of holes. I would rather describe waters by location, number of side channels, and hydraulics. Fluvial Geomorphologist NERD alert. But, the Hollywood Hole on the Clark Fork River, is one hole name that I remember and use in conversation. The Hollywood Hole is located adjacent to the south of the Doubletree Hotel and east of the Madison St. Bridge in downtown Missoula. The convergence of Rattlesnake Creek and the Clark Fork to the east signifies the beginning of what is known as the Hollywood Hole.

It is known as the Hollywood Hole because everyone and their mother can watch you fish. People walking to school. People eating brunch. People sitting on the porch outside their Doubletree room. People walking from school. People eating lunch. People walking downtown. People walking away from downtown. Everyone can watch you flail about or shoot precise casts to a pod of fish.

The rainbows seem to be stacking up in the Hollywood Hole preparing to spawn in the Clark Fork or up the Rattlesnake. As a result, some big fish can be had on worms, skwala nymphs, and flashback pheasant tails. Nothing on the surface, but I am willing to nymph this time of year, if there is promise of a size-able fish on the other end of my line. Watch the video in HD on vimeo and enjoy some "urban" trout fishing.

Music from Blockhead "Yesterday is Here (Tom Waits Remix)"


Jay said...

Looks like you gave the audience a pretty good show. I think has been my favorite video thus far. I like the music and editing on this one for whatever reason.

Ivan said...

thanks jay. there was a lady sitting on the deck of her hotel room, who called out her boyfriend to watch. It is a weird feeling to be watched like that.

Thanks for your kind words. I really like the Blockhead song as well.

Travis said...

haha.. sweet video! it was all good, the editing, music, and fish.. nice work!

Ivan said...

thanks travis. rattlesnake trading co. is a mere .6 miles from the hollywood hole.

Gary Thompson said...

righteous piglets

Ivan said...

indeed gary.

Anonymous said...

Nice work,and the only shakiness is due to Missoula's atrocious pothole scene.

Ivan said...

@Anon - Indeed, the potholes are out of hand. i wish i could use the potholes as an excuse for poor footage throughout the year.

Owl said...

Thanks amazing! Sometimes in the GSMNP the people driving by the river will stop and stare. "OMG, it's a fisherman! How rare!" There are times they even wave or yell " how's the fishing?" I think they're convinced that we're part of the show in the Park. :) LOL

As always a really nice video!

owl said...

PS - are all the fish out west that big? holy cow.

Ivan said...

Thanks Owl. The tourists definitely take the most interest. I think I might be in a couple photos from a couple's vacation photo album. A women was sitting on the deck of their hotel room and called her husband/boyfriend out after I caught a fish on the first cast. A couple photos were taken. It certainly is not a familiar feeling.

Unfortunately, not all the fish are that big out here. but, before spawn they stack up and the big ones are easier to fish for.


Nice video and rainbow catches! The trip out cracked me up...nice editing to make it look like you couldn't wait to get there! At least you stopped at the red lights! LOL.

Ivan said...

thanks rd. my trip there was a whopping 10 minutes through town. a long....long 10 minutes.

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