Monday, March 7, 2011

March Rock

With the recent warmer weather we have had in western Montana, I took an opportunity to fish Rock Creek on Sunday. It was a sunny day in the low-to-mid thirties and midges were plentiful on the surface. Nemouras (little black stoneflies) were also seen along the snowy banks of the rock. Unfortunately, that did not translate to any dry fly fishing. I spent most of the day with whitefish at the end of my line. Around 3 o'clock in the afternoon, I finally found a pod of brown trout. It had been more than a month since I had caught a trout, so, I took the 12 to 15" browns seemed like giants when I brought them in. The magic combination for the browns seemed to be a skwala colored Pat's Stonefly with a brassie hanging off the back.

As a side note, I don't think it is terribly good for one's body to have the entire lower left leg soaked in 34 degree water for 5 hours at a time. As I have complained in previous posts, my primary waders are being repaired and every time I have gone out this winter, I am quickly reminded why I got a new pair. With leaks in both legs and crotch, there isn't much comfort or warmth to be found in my backup pair. I "Can't Wait" until my primary pair of waders return. It will be a third christmas of sorts. Enjoy the video (music by Vitamin String Quartet - "Flashing Lights" a Kanye West Tribute).

March Rock from Ivan Orsic on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

It's always nice when the window opens for winter fishing in Montana. Had a brief one last Thursday. Frigid east of the slope since then.
Tight Lines and good luck on the thesis and the fish goals for 2011.

Ivan said...

indeed mystic. I have been waiting for the window open on your side of the divide. the Mo is calling. cheers.

DarkoV said...

Are not the BIG BEARS coming out soon, quite hungry from their long winter's nap? Aren't the contraptions hanging off of you like some sort of lures for them?
Jus' wonderin'
---- a Dad from the small bear EAst Coast

troutrageous1 said...

Another outstanding video short. Well done & may the waders return soon.

Ivan said...

@ Tats - indeed the bears are coming out of their dens soon. I read on the nps website for yellowstone that rangers had seen some signs of grizzly activity. time to start bringing the bear spray along again.

@ mike - thanks mike. the waders can't return fast enough.

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