Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spawning in my streamer box

My streamers seem to be reproducing. I am having more and more trouble storing them (them being the set of primary streamers) in the cliff's bugger barn. On Monday, I picked up 14 gift-certificate funded streamers from the now defunct Kesel's Four Rivers Fly Shop. George tied five white/red double screamers (or the el blancos), five yellow/red double screamers (or the M&Ms), and four white Muddlers. George is a great fly tier and he will be sticking around Missoula and tying custom flies for those who are interested. We have been getting some warmer temperatures recently here and apparently the streamer bite is starting to improve. Hopefully, I can confirm that this weekend.

new streamers (from top to bottom: the M&M unweighted, the M&M weighted, the el blanco unweighted, the el blanco weighted, muddler)
The Double Screamer Lineup (from top to bottom: the original, the modified, the M&M, the el blanco, the rasta)
the streamer box stocked and ready for the upcoming season (note: the right side is all double screamers - I have a problem)


Clif said...

I can envision those sunken logs now. They're licking their lips in anticipation of tasting your newly expanded selection.

Ivan said...

i can't wait to give them a couple of my finest. logs need food too.

Jay said...

If you need to find a new home for any of them, I'll be glad to give you my mailing address.

AZWanderings said...

I like the looks of those. Sure look fishy. Nice work.


Ivan said...

@ Jay - If my second streamer box overflows with fur and feathers, i'll let you know.

@ Ben - all credit goes to George Kesel. I probably couldnt tie a san juan worm.

Dustin's Fly Box said...

Great flies buddy! You got a great blog and got a new follower

Ivan said...

Thanks Dustin. appreciate the follow.

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