Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mining for Browns

Sure, "mining for browns" is a phrase one could also use to describe picking a wedgie. But, this is a video about brown trout. Big ones. Abandoned mining operations litter Montana's landscape. Surprisingly, some of the mining operations have provided fertile environments for trout to live, grow, and eat streamers. This is one such operation. Watch in HD on vimeo.

Mining for Browns from Yukon Goes Fishing on Vimeo.

I got skunked this trip, luckily Bucko was there to catch some browns.


Jay said...

Looks like they left behind some good "structure," and every good bass angler would tell you... fish love structure.

Travis said...

haha... awesome, industrial brown trout fishing.. sweet video

Ivan said...

@jay - I would say a great deal of structure was left behind. It is an interesting setting to catch trout.

@travis - thanks man. i like the sound of "industrial brown trout fishing"

Royal Wulff said...

good work my man, what's the soundtrack?

Sanders said...

i guess any structure is good structure...great vid!

Ivan said...

@royal wulff - the Kills - Satellite

@sanders - thanks man.

DarkoV said...

Just pondering the discrepancy in fish caught. Hmmmm, is it a possibility that someone physically closer to the ground, i.e., someone not challenged by higher atmospheric conditions, is better equipped to get down with the fishies.
Just a theory by an Under-Six-Footer.

Ivan said...

@darkoV - could be. maybe those shorter than me/I are better equipped to catch trout. Or maybe not, check out the fly fishing the madison, the ruby, and some ponds video. Same ponds. Better fish. Caught by me. Nice try father.

Brian J. said...

That place looks awesome-- amazing fish.

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