Sunday, April 17, 2011

You Can't Go Beachcombing...

A couple friends and I fished upper Rock Creek yesterday. It was crowded. Washington, Idaho, and Montana plates dotted access points up and down Rock Creek Road. Seeing how busy it was on Rock Creek Road, I am scared to think what it was like on the Bitterroot yesterday. Skwalas were out, as were March Browns, Gray Drakes, and Midges. It was a solid day of fishing considering the amount of water that we had to pass up because of the throngs of out-of-staters lining the banks. Anyways, the title of this video comes from a statement that was made by Bucko about old men beachcombing at nude beaches in Hawaii. As always, watch in HD on vimeo.

You Can't Go Beachcombing... from Yukon Goes Fishing on Vimeo.


DarkoV said...

Nice Vid. Better music. Maybe you'll be ready for Tom Waits and "Fisher of Men" w/ John Lurie soon.

Sanders said...

Nice little vid...glad you were able to find some water to fish!

Ivan said...

@DarkoV/Tats - I wouldn't dare try to pull off any Tom Waits "Fisher of Men." I have respect for my elders and their superior art.

Ivan said...

@Sanders - thanks man. it was a zoo of sorts, sounds similar to your recent adventures.

Gary Thompson said...

I like it!

Ivan said...

thanks gary

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