Monday, May 30, 2011

End of the Worlders in Yellowstone National Park

If you were in Yellowstone National Park on Thursday, you may have seen the End of the World RV. I ran into the driver of said RV in the visitor's center. His pressing questions were not about any major upcoming eruptions in Yellowstone. Instead, he inquired about which of the Yellowstone's campgrounds were open. I guess he was trying to appreciate the little things in life with the rapture coming in a couple of months and all.

Where is the nearest campground? Is it open? Will my End of the World RV have a spot there before the End of the World.

In other news, YNP was open to fishing this weekend. I left on Friday, so I wasn't able to participate in the opening weekend, but, the Unaccomplished Angler was. The UA hinted at the bad weather that was predicted for West Yellowstone this weekend. Joshua Bergan from Troutbugs confirmed it. During my time there on Thursday and Friday, it snowed. Only a couple of inches, but snow nonetheless. It made for a unique opportunity to view the park's hydrothermal features that wintery white stuff.

Upper Falls - Yellowstone River
Lower Falls - Yellowstone River
Grand Prismatic - a bit foggier than usual - cold weather to blame
Sex Dungeons - fresh and ready for the Big Hole
Boogie Men and Heifer Groomers - hopefully grooming and boogying some heif in the near future
Big Hole Browns - Eat These Please
I fished for about a half-hour this weekend. I did stop by the Slide Inn and picked up some streamers for the season. I could have gone for broke there. So many articulated streamers, so little money. But, I am making up for it with a day trip to the upper Big Hole or Beaverhead with Joe from Evolution Anglers on Tuesday. I am looking forward to it. Should be a good time.


Sanders said...

This is why I need a camera...great photos! Have fun on Tuesday....those streamers look like the ticket!

Clif said...

...and I feel fine.

Great looking pictures you got there, but I can't believe you scheduled a trip for the week prior to fishing.

I think those flies would do pretty good around here too. Is that a "circus peanut" fly in the last shot?

Ivan said...

thanks sanders. does the poudre lend itself to big streamers?

Clif - I had nothing to do with the scheduling of the trip. Ivan was only pawn in game of life this weekend. the girlfriend's parents were in town and the trip was done on there schedule. I had to beg to get a half hour in. I felt pitiful.

flies in the last shot (from top to bottom): galloup's tips up, sex dungeon variation, and the goat bunker

Sanders said...

Ivan-streamer fishing is good out on the poudre...I don't fish a ton of streamers on it, but I have some friends that only chuck big streamers out there...and they usually out fish me :-)

Ty said...

Beautiful. I stayed at the Slide Inn for a week last year but never made over to the park. Kinda wish I had.

Nice work-in of the Blazing Saddles reference in your comment above by the way.

Gary Thompson said...

Sweet streamers ready for action! The runoff is upon us for sure.

Ivan said...

@ Ty - thanks man. Were you pretty much hitting the Madison during your stay?

@Gary - without a doubt. it is upon us and may very well stay on us for awhile.

Ty said...

Yep, we stayed on the Madison all week. Floated some, waded some. We did drive up and hit the Beaverhead on our last day though.

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