Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sometimes Whitefish eat Sex Dungeons

The Bitterroot is fishing well. Yes, of course, the March Browns were hatching. But, in news I care about more, streamer fishing is picking up. So well that, a tiny whitefish decided to join the party by hooking itself on an articulated sex dungeon. I have no clue how it fit the hook in it's tiny tiny mouth, but I am guessing it didn't mean to. It promptly gave up when hooked and did none of that signature whitefish head-shaking that helps an angler identify it on the other end of the line. I imagine it didn't like the sizable intruder that was the sex dungeon and nipped at it to make it go away. When the sex dungeon bit back, the poor poor whitefish just gave up. Oh yeah, some nice browns and rainbows were also caught. As always, watch this gem on vimeo in HD.

sometimes whitefish eat sex dungeons from Yukon Goes Fishing on Vimeo.


DarkoV said... are those new Orvis-regurgitated pants doing in the water?
About future videos, some questions from the peanut gallery out East.
1) All of the fish you've caught seem to be quite gabby, what with their mouths opening/closing all of the time. Any chance you can get a mic closer to hear what they've got to say? Are they cursing? And, if so, are they directing the cursing at you or at themselves?
2) Any chance of getting your fishing buddy in a bear (granted, a small bear) costume so that he can parade back and forth on the opposite bank? You know, add in some local wildlife?
3) You did a vid beofre w/ vocals of humans talking amongst themselves enroute to a fishing hole. Your vid-fans (I've chosen to be spokesman) want more of those manly exchanges.
Again, a nice l'il video, Sir.

Sanders said...

Great vid! liked that big piece of meat hanging out of the whitefish's grill...some other great fish as well!


I love your vids...Maybe someday I will be able to hold a cam and a rod at the same time! Have you journeyed over to take a look at the contest?

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