Saturday, May 14, 2011

twenty five inches of "$%@! you, high water" brown trout

The Clark Fork, the Bitterroot, Rock Creek, the Blackfoot, the Big Hole, everything local is running high and muddy. Runoff is upon us. It is no where close to peaking with plenty of snow left in the mountains. The fluvial geomorph nerd in me is hoping for a whopper of a runoff. Whatevs. Back to the task at hand - fishing. Bucko and I went back to some familiar ponds and ran into some nice fish. I caught a 20 inch brown and was feeling pretty good. Bucko caught a 25 inch brown. $%@! you, high water. Watch in HD on vimeo.


Fontinalis Rising said...

Great post Ivan, aside from the sounds of Imminent Yeti Attack in the middle of the program. When viewers hear the sound of Imminent Yeti Attack in a video, they expect to see a yeti appear shortly after. Great video, great fish. Back to fluvial morphing.

Sanders said...

Great video...looks like some high water can't keep ya down!

Ivan said...

thanks fontinalis/jason. sorry to disappoint with regards to the yeti. now that you say it, i am disappointed a yeti didn't show up in the middle too. maybe next time.

Ivan said...

thanks sanders. high water can suck the proverbial it.

AZWanderings said...

Ivan, Two gorgeous fish. Way to make it happen. Congrats.


Ivan said...

thanks ben.

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