Sunday, July 3, 2011

Cutties and Bows

Found some clear and fishable water outside of Missoula. Still running high. The fish were stacked up in deep, soft water. Hooked into a gaggle of fish. Some monsters were hooked, but not landed as they found their way into fast water and came undone. Nice summer day on the water.

.....And I got a new camera.

Cutties and Cutbows from Yukon Goes Fishing on Vimeo.


Clif said...

My dog does not approve of this video.

Ivan said...

@ clif - do dogs get jealous?

Anonymous said...

Hi Ivan, just wanted to say I really enjoyed your video on this one. Some great looking fish, there! The dog seems to enjoy it as much as you do.

Ivan said...

@ mel - thanks mel. glad you enjoyed the video. it was a great day on the water. Wilma, Bucko's dog, certainly enjoys such days.

Scott said...

Great video, Ivan! Looks like a quality day on the water. Keep up the stellar work.

d. nash said...

three things I like about this video.

1. I've now seen your face.
2. the 1:35 fish
3. I like your choice for a last scene. instead of finishing the video with a last fish or heading home shot, it shows you walking further upstream to do more fishing. This gives the impression that there is much more of what we saw yet to come. Though the video finished, the journey hasn't.

Thanks! Nice work! it looks like it was a very bright day which can make it tough to get good shots that aren't washed out. Dig the new camera!

DarkoV said...

Ivan! Great video (A birthday gift of a camera, he wonders?!?!).
Just one comment...and I hope other folks comment on this as I REALLY do not want to be complainin'
Is it me (and the "me" means me signing on at various sites, DSL line, T1 line, Comcast cable line) or do other folks experience an incredibly S-L-O-W connection and processing time with your blog site? It's as if it's a freight train with an ever-increasing load of cars to pull when I click on your site.
Cause otherwise, i always enjoy coming to visit here.

Ivan said...

@ scott - thanks. we shall get out when there are more options.

Ivan said...

@ d. nash - 1) i thought i might give the blogging world a little nugget of joy 2) it was big, angry, and left the end of my line. 3) i thought i would change it up. i liked the way wilma sort of followed me upstream, always interested in the activity at hand.

thanks for your kind words.

Ivan said...

@ darko v./tats man - birthday camera is right. my blog loads slowly. it takes 10 seconds sometimes. but, when you're are multimedia giant like myself, it is a sacrifice I will make.

DarkoV said...

Not being a fully licensed Piscatorial Psychologist, I may be out of my depths here. But, in re-viewing the video I began to wonder 1) How was it that the fish did not die of fright immediately upon seeing Wilma so close? and 2) What permanent mental damage was done to these fish that would affect their (possible) future consumption, i.e., having been scared out of their wits by Wilma will they now have less brain matter attributes to pass onto any human eating them?
Or, is eating them not even in anyone's plans?
One more question.
How is it that Wilma never bit a fish (I did noticeshe licked one)? Were here fish bites cleverly edited out? Or is Wilma like you; She'll admire and catch a fish but NEVER eat one?

mike doughty said...

great video, great cutts! looks almost like where i was at last weekend. looks like i might have to resort to nymphing to get into any river fish at this time.

e.m.b. said...

Totally with d.nash on this one -- that last scene? You hit the essence of it all, right there. I watched the last few seconds over and over and over again. Nice work! I really enjoyed it....a little "nugget of joy" you might say!

e.m.b. said...

Hey, do you have any Abdominable Snowmen videos...?

Ivan said...

@darko v/tats man - to paraphase you, "what am I, a fish scientist?" she doesnt bite them per say. typically licks are delivered. a mouthing may occur here or there.

Ivan said...

@ mike - nymphing was the name of the game. tried some big dries in the beginning of the day, but it became apparent that that strategy would not be effective. thanks for the comment.

Ivan said...

@e.m.b. - glad you enjoyed the last scene. it immediately struck me as a good closing scene when I reviewed the footage after returning home.

RE: the Abdominable Snowmen videos - not at this time. i wish i had some.

Ivan said...

@e.m.b. - thank you for catching that misspelling....embarrassing.

e.m.b. said...

Oh man! I can't stop giggling now. I didn't realize it was a snowman who had been working on his six-pack. I guess my mind just read it and typed it. Didn't "mean" to point it out. hehehe. I kind of like "Abdominal" ;)

Travis said...

sweet! transition at 1:30 was perfect

Brian J. said...

The music was heavenly-- perfect for the man + best friend walking into eternity scene at the end.

Beautiful fish too (as always).


Sanders said...

So sweet! Nothing better than watching those cutties dodge one more obstacle...your dog :-)

Gary Thompson said...

Now that's what I call a wide angle lens. I just got a new camera also, one that will take stills and video. Was torn between yours and the Panasonic Lumix. In the end, I just couldn't bring myself to walk around with the head contraption on, tee hee! Nice addition to the video library!

Fly Waters Edge - Kevin said...

If the intent was to make the viewer want to go fishing, you succeeded! I wouldn't mind a closer look at that fly box.

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