Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Hit up some familiar local water with Zach from False Casts and Flat Tires one evening last week. The going was a little tough. We managed to move a couple fish on streamers and nymphs, but no fish came to hand. I don't often do this but, through the magic of self-editing, I put the footage from the evening of fishing from last week together with some footage from a more recent trip out to the same water. I was able to get into a couple solid cutthroat on nymphs. Some dark mysterious fish chased some meat during the beginning of the day, but nothing came of it.

As some of you may know, Amy Winehouse was found dead in her apartment this weekend. Say what you will about her life choices, she could sing. I came across a remix of "Tears Dry on Their Own" by Organized Noize and Dungeon Family and fancied it a whole wad of awesome and used it as the soundtrack to this video. Do yourself a favor and listen to this video with some real speakers. Specifically, speakers with good low end. Enjoy.

grown from Yukon Goes Fishing on Vimeo.

P.S. If any of my wordy followers and blogging friends want to name the next YGF video. Please leave a comment with your suggestions. I am running out of video naming steam. As evidenced by the title of this video..."Grown."


Brian J. said...

Sweet remix on this one, true story she could sing. Those cutts have some healthy proportions there, beautiful.

Ivan said...

@brian j. - both of those fish had some shoulders on them. the second fish was a beauty. i had trouble putting him back, i was mesmerized by it's colors, size, and fat pushing through it's ribs.

DarkoV said...

Great post, Ivan. BTW, thanks for the link on your Facebook for Amy Winehouse doing the simple couple of voice & acoustic guitar of "Valerie". It's simply a shame and such a waste; such, such talent and the musical direction she was going would have been such aural joy to follow.

mike doughty said...

great vid ivan and sweet looking stream. those cutties were tanks. i don't recognize that stream yet.

Cofisher said...

Great fish and scenery. Keep those coming.

Travis said...

great video man, went well with the song.. really sweet underwater shots

Ivan said...

@ darko v. - i certainly agree. she like many other tortured, but brilliant musicians/artists passed away at 27. way to soon.

Ivan said...

@mike d. - thanks man. i could take you there in the near future.

Ivan said...

@cofisher - thanks for the feedback and the comment good sir.

Ivan said...

@travis - thanks man. sounds like your trip to SW Montana was certainly a good one. look forward to hearing more about it.

Sanders said...

Awesome vid! Love the underwater stuff...really enjoyed seeing those cutts!

Gary Thompson said...

Man, I'm diggin your new camera. That's a wiiide angle! Very cool.

Scott said...

As always, stellar video, Ivan! I got my trash spanked on Rock Creek yesterday. I could use a good pick-me-up like that. Your tutelage would be much obliged!

DarkoV said...

What brand of fish make-up do you use? Seems your fish always look too natural on the video. Is it the Montana air or are they just happy to be caught by you?

DarkoV said...

Post Title Suggestions?
A bit long but how 'bout:
"Video of Me Attaining Goal #1 AND the Trout I Caught on THAT DAY" ?

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