Friday, July 22, 2011

Not that there's anything wrong with that

I see how it is, spin fisherman. I wanted to say something about how I would be a lot more offended if this guy didn't have a spectacular moustache. But, I was never offended. I can take a joke. Mostly, I just wanted to give props to an excellent 80s era moustache.

I am one upping the Lunker Hunt with an even more hopeless Friday night post. That's 11:50 pm Friday night post. Boo-Yah.



You guys crack me up. Like anyone reads blogs on a Friday night... Oh...I did! And you
have to give points to the guy for the shirt...

mike doughty said...


The Functioning Fishaholics said...

Hhahhaha So fly fishing is like weed? I'd like to see someone do a bass fishing one like they were on cocaine... Oh ohh looks some structure over here! I'm pitchin, no maybe I'm flippin, oh yea time to dropshot... BASS FISHING IS AWESOME!!
As a fisher from both sides of the stream I guess I got one serious fishing addiction!

Clif said...

Man, I thought I had the friday night time slot locked up. Maybe we can combine forces for friday nights...must see TV, but for nerds who stay home.

I enjoyed the video, and I agree with Func about bass fishing. Serious fly fishers have nothing on the die hard bass anglers in this regard.

Fly Waters Edge - Kevin said...


Ivan said...

@funcfish - i'm rick james bitch.

Ivan said...

@clif - we are competing for the title of biggest loser of a different variety.

Ivan said...

@rd - as mike said, that shirt is pretty bitchin'

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