Thursday, August 4, 2011

____ in a Barrel

Fill in the blank. This edit/video/film is decidedly longer than any of my recent edits/videos/films. There is a reason for that. On Monday, the fishing on the Ruby was in a word, epic. As such, the edit/video/film is epic (in terms of length).

The combination of overcast skies, cloudy water, and a healthy brown trout fishery produced the best day of streamer fishing a fisherperson could ask for. Bucko, who has fly fished for 9 years, agreed. Sometimes trips are about the journey, the experience, the surroundings. This trip was about all of those things, but mostly it was about some stupid good fishing.

From 11 am to 6pm, the Ruby River's brown trout threw themselves with reckless abandon at our streamer offerings. Often times following the streamer from bank to bank, then breaching the surface to mash on some articulated goodness.

Around six in the evening, the fishing was interrupted by a massive thunderstorm. Following the storm and a little dinner, we returned. Fish were rising. Rainbows and browns were boiling at the surface. Trout were everywhere they should be and they were seemingly eating anything that was well presented in front of them. Bucko and I doubled up at least five times that evening. Then, as if it could have gotten any better, Bucko landed a 27" brown trout. The longest of his life.

I had too much footage from this trip. I had enough footage that I included the misses and my bleeped reactions to said misses. Enjoy in HD.

____ in a Barrel from Yukon Goes Fishing on Vimeo.


Sanders said...

That was some really sweet stuff! That last brown was ridiculous...

the misses still have me laughing...something about the f-bomb after missing a fish that is so frustratingly priceless.

Jay said...

Awesome. Truly epic. I really enjoyed the "misses" bleeper reel.

Lunkerhunt said...

Epic indeed, but you know someday you're going to wake up and regret drinking that crap from the bottle. Grow a pair and drink like a man.

Very nice feesh. Very very nice.

Funcfish said...

The power of the High Life...

mike doughty said...

i chucked streamers saturday and sunday on the ruby and got into a ton of fish, only landed a few though. might head back down sunday again.

Ivan said...

@sanders - glad you enjoyed the misses. The f-bombs flow a little easier when I streamer fish. I hope nobody was in earshot. I am sure expletives may ruin a peaceful day on a river.

Ivan said...

@Jay - I like the term "bleeper reel." I have to remember that for next time.

Ivan said...

@Lunkerhunt - see the comment below yours for some truthiness.

Ivan said...

@funcfish - indeed. it is all powerful especially in glass.

Ivan said...

@mike - sounds familiar. on tuesday, the fish seemed to be short striking a lot. Like they didn't quite want it enough. Got a few fish, but it wasn't like Monday.

Royal Wulff said...

Hey I had a day like that once! Wait no that was someone else.


Good work Ivan- that was fun! Mike


Amazing stuff!! How we all would like a day like that one... I would even take that last miss! haha.

mike doughty said...

we were fishing the same stretch as you guys were. that last fish was a beast! was that above the first spot in the video where you were catching fish or below it?

Ivan said...

@royal wulff - thank your sir, glad you enjoyed it.

Ivan said...

@RD - thanks RD. that last miss was a combo. 1) it was a big fish 2) i lost the fly. you can hear my original disappointment and then a pause, followed by a second round of disappointment. it was a great day.

Ivan said...

@mike d. - the brute came to us upstream of that first spot.

Brian J. said...

That was great-- also, that last miss on the bleeper reel: BIG. Those are the ones that keep you coming back.

Matthew D Dunn said...

"Like a brown stallion horse with skates on, you know?" Great song. Great fishing.

mike doughty said...

my spodie odieliscious angel..........

d. nash said...

awesome. the term "epic" is appropriately used here. Great blooper reel. I agree completely with Sanders.

Ivan said...

@brian j. - thanks man. that last one was large. not nearly as large as bucko's fish, but large enough.

Ivan said...

@matt dunn - love me some outkast. Aquemini is up there in terms of classic albums in my book.

Ivan said...

@d. nash - thanks man. glad you enjoyed the blooper reel.

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