Friday, August 5, 2011

"Wood Stays Hard the Whole Tine" - Domingo Ayala

Oh Hi, How you doing? This is the third installment of the award-winning Friday Crap series. Apparently, some others want join in. This installment brings you Domingo Ayala, 4-time home run champion, 5-time batting champion, 5-time stolen base champion, 3-time first rounder, 7-time infielder of the year, and 6-time outfielder of the year, and all-around great beisbol player. In this video, Domingo Ayala of the Domingo Beisbol Academy teaches you how to hit a Home Run.

In this video, he teaches you how to steal a base. Watch out for the firing lizard.

In this video, Domingo teaches you how to hit for average. Watch out for the backdoor bunt.

If you enjoyed these Domingo Beisbol Academy videos, check out Domingo play catch for a scout, catch with Hank Conger, teach infield fundamentals, teach outfield fundamentals, and turn double plays. And remember, "It's God Given."


troutrageous1 said...

You win. Hands down.

clif said...

Well played sir

Owl said...

This requires an explanation. Not about the friday night blog post win, man. you win.

...but about the videos....please for the love of God tell me this is parody.


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Great post up...

Ty said...

Top friggin' notch, Ivan. Well done.

Sanders said...

That is so good...ha!

Ivan said...

thanks for the comments peoples. i will reluctantly accept victory and destroy you fools this friday.

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