Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bros vs. BWOs

Earlier this week, LOFI dropped their SLIZANG post detailing the words they use for other words while on the water. While I probably can't drop a list of 40 plus slizang words of my own, I want to feature one of my personal favorites.


It's seasonally appropriate. With fall on it's way, blue-winged olives (or BWOs or Baetis) will be hatching and providing anglers with some hopefully righteous fall dry fly fishing.

But, I ain't talking about bugs. I'm talking about Bros. Brosephs. Fly fishing bros = BWOs. Say it like a kid with a speech impediment. Like the one I used to have. And to think my dad wanted to name me Rory. That would have been a disaster.

It can be used in some of the following ways:

"I'm just BWOin' out, drinking a High Life"

"That boat is filled with BWOs. There is a BWOverload."

"Look at those BWOs over there, slapping casts on top of those risers."

"Whatchu catch BWO?"

"BWO, please."

It should be used in place of Bro and mostly with a lot of sarcasm.

Oh, and now a "Rum Ham" is a nice fish.


DarkoV said...

Woah, BWO! What was wrong with Wowy as a first name?

troutman brook said...

BWOs before HWOs

Lunkerhunt said...

thanks for sharing the vid...hadn't seen that one. I love that show.

Cofisher said...

I'm not even going to try this...funny read.

Sanders said...

ha! thanks bwo...

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry rum ham!

Ivan said...

i hope you all drop some BWOs on people on the water. thanks for stopping by.

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