Tuesday, October 11, 2011

October Rock

Another entry in the Month + Rock series. Another trip up to Rock Creek in search of some it's bigger fish. Threw streamers all day. It was productive. Primarily threw articulated stuff measuring out to 4"+. Impressed by the 8" fish that decided those streamers would make a good meal. I messed with a Gaussian blur and sharpness filter to the get the high contrast effect seen in this video. As a side note, the last brown trout shown is probably the biggest brown I have caught from Rock Creek. If that fish lived in the Big Hole, it would be an average fish. Watch it in HD. Enjoy.

Music: Alex Goose "No one rides for free"

October Rock from Yukon Goes Fishing on Vimeo.


Jen said...

Well done. Thanks for the enjoyment - again!

Ivan said...

thanks jen. glad you enjoyed it.

e.m.b. said...

"No one rides" nor fishes, for free...you put in the work, and were rewarded. Great stuff...and fun to see the results of a G+ thread!

d. nash said...

nice edits. I like the transitions, cuts, and colors. that's two videos this week. the word prolific comes to mind :)

Gary Thompson said...

sweet cuts! fall browns. is there anything better?

troutrageous1 said...

Another solid effort. Quite enjoyable Ivan. FWIW, I liked the Gaussian blur, whatever that means.

Sanders said...

Well done my friend. I really enjoyed both video and music...perfect!

...oh and the fish weren't too shabby either...cheers!

Ivan said...

@e.m.b - i just wish it was a little bigger. I'm glad that I put the question out on G+. I was thinking about going to the Bitterroot, but I am glad I chose the Rock.

Ivan said...

@d.nash - thanks man. I don't know about prolific. I had the wrong turns video sitting around for a while.

Ivan said...

@Gary - nothing better than fall browns.

Ivan said...

@t-rage - thanks mike. I am not quite sure what Gaussian blur is either, but I like the result.

Ivan said...

@sanders - thanks for stopping by. the last fish was a bit of a surprise to me. rock creek doesn't usually produce such girthy fish.

Brian J. said...

The walk to the bank in the beginning and the skinny water brown around 2:19 were epic little highlights.


Travis said...

sweet video ivan, liked the out of the window mud shot, and the props to the rattlesnake trading co.! all of it was good

Ivan said...

@brian j - thanks brian. i was hoping there would be a fish of a different species there. but, a rock creek best brown trout will do.

Ivan said...

@travis - i put the RTC shot in there for you. figured you would appreciate it.

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