Friday, October 7, 2011

Wrong Turns

Some fishing trips don't end up as planned. September has been spent in search of Northern Pike on the Clark Fork and looking for pre-spawn browns on the Big Hole. Some of these trips have had a couple wrong turns along the way. No pike to speak of, but plenty of slough and backwater rainbows. No big pre-spawn browns on the Big Hole despite the serious presence of some normally fishy cloud cover.

Instead, enjoy some machete action, the smallest trout in Beaverhead, a 21" inch rainbow, and odes to the Epic Meal Time guys.

Music: Blitzen Trapper "Black River Killer"


Stephanie and Dustin said...

The best laid plans....

Great vid.


Brian J. said...

On any given day you might hear me or my wife saying "haters be learners" or "that SMART". Love the epic meal time... sort of.

Loved the soundtrack on this one-- also: cool raft.

Thanks for another great vid Ivan-- I already can't wait to see the next (more bacon strips).


Gary Thompson said...

"What better Christmas gift for a loved one than the Jack Hawk 9000, available at Walmart" - Ricky Bobby

Ivan said...

@stephanie - true indeed.

Ivan said...

@brian j - i'm trying to get that "NEXT LEVEL YOUTUBE MONEY"

we borrowed the raft. it is a difficult one to maneuver. but, a raft is a raft.

Ivan said...

@Gary - I'm rocking a GERBER. No fancy Ricky Bobby Hollywood knives for me.

Jen said...

Another impressive Vid - I was seriously dancin' and jonesn' to get out and fish again ASAP. Love your creative stuff!

d. nash said...

surprising switch up of tunes. I like it. I've been holding on to a few songs for future vids and have some off beat ones coming.

Breakfast without a machete is like a car without wheels, it appears. Just doesn't roll.

nice work.

Ivan said...

@jen - thanks. it's nice to hear that. it doesn't take much for me to want to get back out on the water. my videos certainly have that effect on me.

Ivan said...

@d. nash - indeed. the machete is necessary for all elements of breakfast. although, my girlfriend is not too comfortable with the idea of me carrying the breakfast machete around. looking forward to those off beat songs.

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