Tuesday, November 8, 2011


....as in, Madison. As in, mad brown trout. As in, thass some mad brown troutz fishin. Some fall fly fishing for the Madison River's brown trout. The browns were on the feed as evidenced by the 18 inch brown that had an 8" rainbow sticking out of it's mouth. We never found the monsters that the Madison is known for, but some solid fish between 16 to 19" were caught. Things also of note: I took a fall into the mighty mighty Madison and broke my 6-weight. There was some really good habitat immediately upstream of my position and I decided it was worth the risk of wading into some heavier current. I was wrong. I lost my balance, went to my knees (chest deep) and then to my face. Luckily I was appropriately dressed and had a change of clothes in the car. To add insult to injury, my trusty streamer rod was broken as I dipped my face into the river. Watch in HD on vimeo.

music: Beirut "Gulag Orkestar"

mad from Yukon Goes Fishing on Vimeo.


Royal Wulff said...

more good work Ivan, luved the soundtrack for this wintery vid. RE: faceplant + broken rod- you mean I'm not the only one that does that? feeling your pain there my friend~ mike

Fontinalis Rising said...

Stellar, as usual Ivan. That sucks about the rod though. Looked like a cooold day for a swim too.

DarkoV said...

Beautiful Stuff, Ivan. Wilma the WunderDog looks great with a dusting of snow. Have to admit she's the best dog ever....west of the Mississippi. Certainly a dog worth considering doing jail time for in considering tkaing up dognapping. What's the music? Sounds like Andrew Bird going all Slavic Trumpet?

DarkoV said...

Fontinalis Rising!
Where is Northern Michigan? Is it the same as the UP? If so, have you ever fished the Laughing River? Just wondering as a favorite singer of mine, Greg Brown, is also an avid fisherman who does a song about the Laughing River and I always wondered what it was like fishing on it.

d. nash said...

what I like about this is the different mood (compared to your other vids) that is conveyed by not only the song, but your first vid of the year with significant snow. I agree you have some great dog shots, and the shot from the cab of the car both really added something for me. The long sleeve T in the car impressed upon me how cold it might be outside. me likey very much. Next time try tot catch the 26" momma who was going after the 18er.

Sanders said...

Yeah! Great vid once again...It was fun seeing that little tail sticking out of the brown's mouth...awesome!

sorry about the rod...not fun.


Oh, the snow on the Maddy reminds me of some great trips of mine...I have gone twice now in November. But, I missed this year with all the little excursions lately! Sorry about the rod...that is definitely an RD trick, errr...accident. Nice trout video once again.

Jen said...

Another great video. I was chilly just watching it - had to pause and grab some hot chocolate so I could press play again and enjoy. HA!

Cofisher said...

Wonderful video, I'm enjoying catching up. Sorry about the rod, but that's the best excuse for buying a new one. Good luck.

Ivan said...

@royal wulff - glad I'm not the only one. it was more embarrassing than painful.

Ivan said...

@jason - thank you sir. it was a cold day for a swim. But, I had so many layers on that the water didn't touch skin until I started changing at the car.

Ivan said...

@DarkoV - Wilma is the best of all the dogs save for Barko. Music by Beirut - it did have a slightly slavic twinge to it.

Ivan said...

@d nash - maybe next time that 26" incher will find it's way to me.

Ivan said...

@Thanks RD. November is my favorite time to be on the Madison.

Ivan said...

@Sanders - thank you sir. I freaked out a little bit when I saw tail.

Ivan said...

@jen - thanks. i need some hot chocolate now. tis the season.

Ivan said...

@cofisher - thanks. with my grad student monies, i am forced to simply repair the rod. a new rod would be nice.

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