Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Silver and Gold

What does Yukon Cornelius love? Silver and Gold. Silver and Gold. What does YGF like? Silver and Gold. Well, more like Rainbows and Browns. Close enough. A video filled with bumbles, abominable snowmen, miners, reindeer, brown trout, and rainbow trout. Consider this the pinnacle of the concept of YGF. It can only go downhill from here.

Music: The Glitch Mob "We Can Make the World Stop"

As always, watch the video in HD on vimeo.

I am releasing this video on YGF and also over on Fly Fishilicious. I wrote up a guest post to go along with the video and she graciously posted it, no matter how poorly written it is. With the holidays around the corner, Jen is generously giving away a Flip Mino HD camera. All you have to do is leave a comment over there. Very cool.


Royal Wulff said...

instant Christmas classic my friend! Not too late to change your major ya know~ mike

Jay said...

Pinnacle achieved! It will be hard for you to top that one. I'll never look at the Rudolph animated classic the same way again. Thanks for making my day.

Gary Thompson said...

Just when I thought I couldn't stomach another rerun of Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer. Thanks for the change of pace! Think ill make my kids sit through this one.

Bryan Rees said...

You have good taste my friend! In pursuits and in music...love me some Glitch Mob.

Travis said...

Ivan, 100% if that video was sweet. Awesome work!

JGR said...

Any post opening with a reference to Yukon Cornelius is a must read. I loved that cartoon as a kid.

DarkoV said...

Great Stuff, Ivan. A NEW holiday classic has been born.

Sanders said...

An instant holiday classic for sure! Hitting replay button now...

Zach said...

"Even among misfits you're a misfit".
Good work my man. Stellar year for big fish. Keep up the good work.

Brian J. said...

Damn it must feel good to be a gangster.

Steven Theel said...

Pure win.

maja said...



Oh Ivan...you did it again! What a creative genius you are...#12 should be crossed out soon!!! ; )

e.m.b. said...


mike doughty said...

that was like a greatest hits video

shesamaniyak.com said...

Awesome job! :o)

rm said...

nice work

Jeff Ryan TheFreshwaterFly.com said...

Damn Ivan! That is pretty damn cool!

deanwo said...

Like I said on twitter, Ivan, forget the silver, pure gold. Nice work.

Home Skillet said...

Really good Ivan! Very creative. Inspired me and know I am staring into yet another imovie project screen. Thanks alot! ;)
I think you just made my blogroll!

Home Skillet

yukon said...

@all of youz - thanks for all of your kind words. I appreciate you showing all of your support. Happy Holidays.

Fishing Blog said...

Wish I thought of this first! lol love it!

Red's Cottage said...

Cannot get enough of this video!

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