Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The BOB Gnarly - Mouse-y to say the least

Many of you are aware of the now outdated dreams and goals of 2011 list on the YGF sidebar to the right of the post. Number 9 on that list is "Catch a fish on a mouse pattern." Note that it is not crossed off. Not to say I didn't try, but admittedly my efforts were...sub-standard. I have excuses like 2011 was a weird water year and I wouldn't feel comfortable wading in the higher water later into the sea...blah blah blah. Excuses, excuses.

Enter Andrew Grillos, signature fly tyer at Idylwilde. AG/Mr. Grillos/Grillos saw that my plight to catch a trout on a mouse last year was not completed and he took it upon himself to offer up a pair of his signature tie - the BOB Gnarly - to me. Now, I have to catch a trout on a mouse. A signature fly tier and experienced guide is sending me mouse flies. Full effort will be given. Trout will be caught on a mouse fly this year. It will be done.

AG has produced the BOB line of flies that incorporate a styrofoam bobber into their construction. The BOB Gnarly is one of those BOB flies. Here is how the AG himself describes the BOB Gnarly.
I began playing around with this idea in Colorado and I was really able to refine it while guiding at Alaska West a couple summers ago.  Let's just say that I got kind of obsessed with the mammal-eating trout up there.  Durability is a big factor in the flies that I tie and I tried to make this guy as tough as possible.  I like to tie one fly on in the morning and fish it all day long.  I also wanted a mouse that wakes in the surface film rather than skitters and skates delicately on top.  The upturned, light wire, stinger hook tends to hook fish more solidly while inflicting less damage as well.  I like to keep the fly moving, as well.  Small twitches with the rod while skating or dead drifting have proven to be super effective.  This BOB Gnarly was refined in Alaska, but it's also been proven on fish in Colorado, on daytime and nighttime missions.  It fooled a few huge NZ browns a couple winters ago as well!  I'm confident that the BOB Gnarly can help you meet your goal to catch a trout on a mouse!
I am super excited to get the BOB Gnarly out on the water. The fly looks bomb-proof and the use of the styrofoam bobber seems borderline genius, if not straight up genius. Many thanks to AG.


Christopher said...

GNAR!! as the kids say

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