Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ponoi, Salmon, and the Matt Breuer

Friend of YGF, Matt Breuer of the Ponoi River Company, is making it a habit of appearing in videos on Moldy Chum. First, Breuer was dropping spey bombs in the unprofessionally done YGF video Sleep, Dreams, and Birthday Donuts. A video that was posted on the Chum in mid-December.

Now, he is appearing in the very professionally shot The Incomparable Ponoi. If I am to believe Matt (which I am trying not to make a habit of), this promo for his company was shot by Gin Clear Media on the RED camera. That is 25k for a camera.

Breuer should be back in town in the next couple days, so expect him to make several appearances in upcoming YGF projects.

The stories Matt has about the Ponoi are a little ridiculous. Stories of 40-50 fish days. All of those fish being Atlantic Salmon caught on the swing. Sign me up.

Check out The Incomparable Ponoi.


DarkoV said...

$25k for a camera? Geez, I remember my first house costing only $30k..and my first car, a used '55 Chevy, only $125. All this is making me feel really cheap...
.....and really, really old.

Sanders said...

Russia you say...I don't think I'd make it home. I can tell you one thing, that video did nothing for my cabin fever...

Clif G said...

Quite the crew you're running with these days.

Ivan said...

@darko v - yeah. times they are a changing young man/my father

Ivan said...

@sanders - you and me both. the place doesn't look half bad....i could fish there, I guess.

Ivan said...

@clif g. - let's call it dumb luck. emphasis on the dumb....and also on the luck.

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