Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Steaming Piles of Thread, Feathers, and Fur

AKA - my first tied flies

After a sushi-rolling, Argentinian techno musicing, snowball fighting dinner party went later than expected on Friday night, Saturday morning was spent sleeping and not fishing. Shame shame on me. I had every intention on getting out on the water this weekend, but Argentinian techno music is a confusing, exhausting, and apparently cruel mistress.

So, Plan B was tying my first flies with Matt Breuer. Matt lent me one of two vises and put me to work. It took me a whopping five hours to make four flies. Mostly because of all the guffawing, storytelling, and phone calls, but also because of my lack of fly tying ability and aptitude.

First fly - bunny leech of some sort.

Second and thirdflies - zebra midges

Fourth and final fly - the ugliest woolly (or is it wooly) bugger known to man kind

So, there it is, my first venture into fly tying. I can't wait to tie my next piece of crap.


Royal Wulff said...

welcome to the addiction! mike

Jay said...

Good stuff. They may be steaming in your eyes, but the fish will probably see them as tasty morsels. I don't really see anything wrong with them... they look a lot better than my first efforts... and I think Woolly (2 Ls) Buggers are supposed to be pretty ugly.

e.m.b. said...

Look darn good to me! Like Mike said, it's out. ;-)

d said...

Well done. They look a hell of a lot better than my first attempts.

Anonymous said...

we can get you tying rock worms... Or maybe glow bugs.

yukon said...

while i appreciate your kind words guys. I must say that the power of photography and instagram have hidden many of these flies faults. the woolly bugger is the worst of them all.

and yes, it is addicting. fly tying videos have never been more interesting to me.

Parker said...

As my instructor told me while I was learning the basics of fly tying, "Some fish just want to commit suicide!"

Thumbs up on that purple bugger! It'll do the job!

Sanders said...

I can't speak for Argentinian Techno, but it does sound like after a night with said mistress, you deserved to sleep in.

Welcome to the world of fly tying...good start!

d. nash said...

You've perfectly explained how I feel after I tie flies. This is why I don't enter them into tying contests :) Fortunately, fish aren't as harsh of critics as you are on yourself.

Howard Levett said...

Nice looking flies by any standard, especially after the sushi-rolling, Argentinian techno musicing, snowball fighting dinner party went later than expected.

Mark + Wiz said...

When you catch a good fish on those flies your gonna freak out. They look better that my first ones.

Fred Telleen said...

Sounds like you better crank the music and throw several more parties. Before you know it, you'll have a fishy dozen.

DarkoV said...

Sir, Now that you are addict dot tying, you can make life much easier on yourself. By completing the #1 goal on your site, you know that a pretty fancy-scmancy-dancy fly-tying apparatus awaits you. It's gathering dust in its box here hoping, praying, BEGGING to be used as it was intended.

Eyes on your #1 Prize...& you get the Other Prize.

What is Argentinian techno anyways? Does it sound like mechanized tango. All thump, no verve?

Travis said...

yeah man! the funnest way to fish is with big nasties, you're hooked! they look good!

Fly Waters Edge - Kevin said...

I have gotta party with you someday!
Most flys are made to catch the fisher not the fish... I don't see you having that problem. I kid you! I'd fish any one one those anytime.
The addition runs deep my friend, be gentle with her!

yukon said...

@parker - i am hoping that i find a couple dumb fish this weekend that want to eat these concoctions.

Ivan said...

@sanders - i certainly hadn't heard Argentian techno before. I can't speak to it's contribution to the music scene, but it certainly was catchy.

Ivan said...

@Fly Waters Edge/Kevin - i just hope the addiction is gentler with me.

Ivan said...

@Travis - i doubt one of the educated trouts of the Missouri would be interested in these offerings.

Ivan said...

@darkov - i know....hopefully soon. very soon. vise, you will be mine.

Ivan said...

@Fred - right. more Argentinian techno = more poorly tied flies.

Ivan said...

@d. nash - i certainly hope that is the case.

Ivan said...

@howard - you are too kind. we shall see what fly tying after a day that does not include sushi rolling, argentinian techno musicing, snow ball fighting and dinnering produce. Tonight is the night.

Ivan said...

@Mark + Wiz - it's going to be a total freak out. whatever the lucky fly is will go in the vault....or will it. I never saved the first fly I caught a fish on. I figured it was the only thing that worked and kept on using it until something broke me off (that something being a tree).

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