Sunday, January 8, 2012

YGF goes official. DOT COM Status

I bit the digital bullet. You can't make stickers without the domain name. So, I made it official. Yukon Goes Fishing can now be found at Update your links, tell your mom and dad. Tell your grandmas and grandpappies. Tell your bros, bwos and your sisters. It's getting real.

Stickers are pending. I have to find the monies to do that. But, I will get around to those soon enough.....hopefully.

Also, the blogroll was reset with the transition to the dot com. Keep me honest. I feel like I am missing some big ones. Let me know if your blog is missing from the blogroll. I will be sure to update it.

If you haven't entered the Glacier Glove giveaway, do so here.


tasmanian fishing said...

Thanks for sharing the information about yukon goes fishing. Nice blog and share some more information about the same in the future.

Royal Wulff said...

nice place you got here Ivan! Looks hauntingly familar, like deja vu all over again. ;-) Looking forward to the sticker schwag. mike

yukon said...

@mike- i know right. it's like nothing ever changed.

DarkoV said...

What! I don't have to type "blogspot" any more? Are you going all corporate and Wal-Mart on us, Ivan?

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