Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Dreams and Goals of 2012

Well 2011 is done and gone....and so is the first month of 2012. It was a pretty successful year for YGF in  many ways. Let us review the successes and failures of 2011 and look forward to 2012.

Dreams and Goals of 2011

Among all the successes of 2011. There is one glaring failure.

1. Finish my thesis. I did not complete goal 1. So, that goes back on the list for 2012. It makes it back on the list five times as it is goals 1 through 5. It is in progress and it is getting closer every day.

2. Catch a fish in each month of the year - accomplished. I like this goal. It represents a level of dedication throughout the year. In 2010, I caught a fish every month of the year. A couple of whitefish represented January 2010's success. In 2011, all trout --- all the time. This one goes back on the D & G 2012 list.

3. Catch a 20" cutthroat, 24" rainbow, and 24" brown trout. - only got one of these done. The 24" brown. I could be over-estimating it's size, but for the sake of ego rubbing let's say that this fish was 24" of brown trout.

4. Catch 3 or more trout of 20" in a day of fishing - a man can dream right. Well, I dreamt about this, but nothing came of it. Maybe it will happen this year.

5. Catch 20"+ brown trout out of the (name redacted) ponds - see goal 3.

6. Catch a 22"+ rainbow or brown trout out of Warm Springs Ponds. - I failed miserably at this. I had a whopper on at one point. But, it quickly wriggled free. Bucko certainly caught a 22"+ rainbow out of the ponds.

7. Go fishing in Wyoming. I should have described this in greater detail. Go fishing in Wyoming outside of Yellowstone Park. I did neither. I was set to hit the Wind River Range with Bucko this summer, but a familial visit conflicted with the scheduled visit. This year...this year.

8. Fish for bullies and cutties on the South Fork of the Flathead. Didn't do it.

9. Catch a fish on a mouse pattern. Failed. But, I was recently provided with some of the goods to make this year a mousing success.

10. Go night fishing and then do more night fishing. Success. Not a rousing success, but a success. Need to grow a pair and get an alarm clock that works and do some serious night fishing this year.

11. Catch fish on the following waters.  There were a lot of bodies of waters on this list. I fished some and didn't fish others. There is a lot of water in Montana, I surprisingly didn't fish it all.

12. Make more videos. Make better videos. Make videos with less shaky elements. Make it on to Moldy Chum and the like (Fish Porn, Le Mouching, Global Fly Fisher). This year was a good year for YGF. I was lucky enough to have my videos featured on Moldy Chum, Headhunters Fly Shop, Fish Porn, Le Mouching, Global Fly Fisher, Orvis News, Chi Wulff, The Fiberglass Manifesto and 45 other sites this year. Humbling to say the least.

13. Catch fish on sub-surface/"nymphed" grasshoppers. I fished streamers a lot this year. So much so, that nymphing and dry fly fishing took a backseat. The kind of backseat that the old Taurus' and Volvo's had. I didn't fish this way often. But, it was successful once with a reasonably sized brown trout on the Big Hole.

14. Catch a northern pike on the fly. Tried and failed. Instead, Bucko and I managed to catch some nice rainbows in the seemingly pike-y sloughs and backwaters.

Here is the Dreams and Goals of 2012 for YGF. This one is more species focused rather than location based.

1. - 5. Finish thesis.

6. Catch a trout in every month of the year (Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, June, July, Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec). I can already cross out January. Boo sha.

7. Catch a fish on a mouse pattern. This mouse pattern.

8. Catch a carp on the fly.

9. Catch bass on the fly.

10. Catch redfish on the fly.

11. Catch a northern pike on the fly

12. Catch a steelhead on the fly

13. Learn to spey cast with a reasonable amount of success

14. Hit a legit hatch on the Missouri and promptly get humbled fishing dries to big fish.

15. Catch a fish on a fly (dry fly, nymph, streamer) I tie.

16. Tie an articulated streamer and catch a 20" fish with said streamer.

17. Tie a custom articulate streamer pattern. Give it a bland and boring name.

18. Make a video that gets more than 9,999 views.

19. Catch 3 or more trout of 20" in a day of fishing

20. Catch a 20" cutthroat, 24" rainbow, and 24" brown trout.

21. Fish some top secret water in Wyoming

22. Fish in Alberta.

There it is. The 2012 Dreams and Goals list. I may add a couple things to this list in the next coming days. Any suggestions?


Owl said...

I have no doubt that you will make 90% of your goals this year!That's a very nice, but realistic list. PS - you're videos are pretty good. ;)

GeeRam said...

Ivan - Good luck, I'd imagine you already know this but you have a glut of fans who would be happy to help.

If you're ever heading up to Alberta to fish let me know and I can throw some beta your way.

Of all your goals I like 15 the most as I'm getting back into tying.

Here's to 2012

DarkoV said...

Congrats on all of the accomplishments for 2011 and good luck with the 2012 goals that you set. I especially like Nbrs #1 through #5. The "familial"s will try to stay out of the way so that the Wyoming goal gets accomplished this year.

This could be a spectacular year with many changes (of the positive sort)!

wyomofo said...

hey ygf. hit me up for some of the wyoming list. the bighorns/ winds/ north platte should be on the "outside-jellystone list". these are a few from the upper north platte... (oh, and good luck on the thesis)

Sanders said...

Sounds like a pretty great 2011. And by the looks of it, 2012 will be another great adventure!


schnitzerPHOTO said...

There's going to be some awesomeness in 2012, and I hope I can help facilitate some of it. Onward!

Travis said...

All worthy goals Ivan! good luck with all the tying!

Jay said...

Good list. I look forward to following your progress.
If you ever make it down south, I can certainly help with #9.
I like #17, but really think you should go the Kelly Galloup route and name it something sexually suggestive.

Howard Levett said...

I've no doubt that you'll accomplish most of your 2012 don't do anything half-azz.

Ivan said...

@howard - are you saying that I am, in some way, bad-azzzzz?

Ivan said...

@Jay - for sure. I want to buck the sexually suggestive trend and go with something truly truly bland and boring. Let it speak for itself.

Ivan said...

@travis - thanks man. Hoping to make a dent in it this weekend.

Ivan said...

@Owl - 90%. That would be an accomplishment in it's own right. I don't think I have accomplished 50% of 2009 and 2010's goals. thanks for the comment.

Ivan said...

@GeeRam - for sure. I have only heard great things about the fishing in Alberta. That and I have seen the proof of it on the internets.

Ivan said...

@schnitzerPHOTO - i certainly hope to hit some Wyoming water with you this year Russ.

Ivan said...

@DarkoV - i also like #1 through #5 as well. I won't blame you for not fishing Wyoming last year. The familial visit was certainly worth missing out on that fishing action.

Ivan said...

@Wyomofo - definitely. I have been enjoying your videos. The brown in that video is awful awful nice.

Ivan said...

@sanders - i certainly hope that one or two of those goals involve hitting the water with you, my friend.

Dub The Thorax said...

If you're ever in NY and want to give #12 a try, hit me up.

Fred Telleen said...

#13 If you are on the MO and not fishing dries, break out the spey. Lots of great water. I'll be swinging til June and I don't mind sharing.

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