Thursday, February 23, 2012

Eat More Brook Trout's 20 Questions - the YGF edition

I haven't had the chance to meet Chris Hunt of Eat More Brook Trout in person yet, but I look forward to it. Chris is the National Communications Director at Trout Unlimited, a published author (Shin Deep), blogger extraordinaire at Eat More Brook Trout, and an avid angler (among, I am sure, many other things). One of EMBT's regular features is 20 Questions. In the last installment of 20 questions, Chris interviewed Tom Chandler. You know...that Tom Chandler. Following a fly fishing blogging legend, no pressure.

Then, Chris drops this complementary set of sentences in the intro, "I've become increasingly enamored with his use of the GoPro videocamera–he's extended the boundaries of small-scale fly fishing filmmaking, and with each effort, I've seen a notable evolution, both in terms of quality and creativity." You know, no pressure. (I kid Chris, thank you very much for your kind words.)

I am honored to have taken part in the EMBT 20 Questions series. I hope to get out on the water with Chris in the very near future. Check out the YGF Edition of the EMBT 20 Questions here.


Royal Wulff said...

hey I did catch that this am, cool stuff Ivan! Not even on yer list- I guess you can phone it in from here on out in 2012~ ;-] mike

Howard Levett said...

Nice interview Ivan. You are a bit of a character aren't you?

d. nash said...

solid. Tom Chandler was your opening band. That's a good deal. Next stop, Madison Square Garden? Nice.

Ivan said...

@Royal Wulff - thanks man. Stop taking such great photos and maybe I won't be distracted away from your top-notch words.

Ivan said...

@Howard - thank you sir. Re: Character....maybe?

Ivan said...

@d. nash - I don't think Tom Chandler was my opening band. I think it's like one of those situations where Elvis shows up and doesn't want to wait around to make the girls get giddy and do the closing act, so he just performs then and there. And then that other guy comes on to clean up his scraps. I am that other guy.

Just Mark, Wiz Died said...

Is that you on the new Headhunters site's picture header?

DarkoV said...

Will Tom Waits' "Fisher of Men" ever make the YGF S/T? I thought it used to be a favorite back in the day....

yukon said...

@Just Mark, Wiz Died - i don't think so. in fact, no, that isn't me. sorry to here about Wiz. I barely got the chance to know Wiz.

yukon said...

@darkov - father, indeed it was. you have given me ideas.

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