Wednesday, February 22, 2012

No Sports Allowed

Some bulldog from Colorado sent me care package filled with N.S.A. goodness. What a good dog. I didn't know bulldog's knew how to fetch. I thought they just rode skateboards. This bulldog sent me N.S.A. volumes 1 and 2 for my viewing pleasure. He knows that I watch a lot of fly fishing porn video as it is and more is definitely better.

While this winter has been pretty mild and the winter fishing has been pretty solid, I long for the long summer days filled with trout smashing big terrestrials and honkers of articulated streamers with reckless abandon. Streamer fishing in the winter just isn't the same. The glory of summer fishing is clearly demonstrated in N.S.A. Volumes 1 and 2. Those guys are streamer fishing, dry fly throwing fiends, all of them, every last one of them.

Both Volumes of No Sports Allowed are compilations of shorts. The shorts are filled with friends, Diet Cokes, big fish, and non-stop fishing action showing everything Idaho has to offer. From steelheading to spring creeks to narrow willow guarded streams to the big, relatively unexplored waters, everything southeastern Idaho has to offer. I am pretty sure that is everything. Someone, correct me. There is a great sense of family and friendship through both Volumes. Just fishing friends doing what fishing friends do. As a fisherman with friends, N.S.A is easy to relate to in that sense. Nothing fancy, just good times on the water with friends. No exotic locales, no celebrities. Just big fish, characters, and a nice Idaho backdrop. I like that style.

I should note that I fear for the trout of southeastern Idaho when some of the N.S.A. kids grow up. They could probably outfish me 2012.

Many of you, might be fans of the Beard. What beard? The Beard...Marc Crapo's Beard. Volume 1 features a lot of The Beard before he was the Beard. Perhaps, in Volume 1, Crapo could best be described as the Goatee in Volume 1. But, in Volume 2, the Beard shows up in full force.

After watching both Volumes, I found myself yearning to get back out on the water. Longing for the long summer days on the water catching gobs of trout with friends. The N.S.A. series is a great addition to my growing collection of fish porn.

Check out the trailer for N.S.A. Volume 2:

NSA vol. 2 how we do... from Marc Crapo on Vimeo.


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