Monday, March 12, 2012

The 2nd Annual YGF Bracket Challenge

Did it last year. I wouldn't call it a success, mostly because I didn't win. But, on short notice, we had a six person challenge. Friend of YGF, Elena took it all.

Let's do it again. This is for pride. No money. No fancy blogging rewards. Like last year, this is just for internet pride. Here is my bracket. I am not too impressed with myself. It took a whopping 2 minutes to finish.

Join the Official YGF Bracket Challenge on ESPN. The password is flyfishing. I know...original.


Sanders said...

I'm in...

Justin said...

Yet again, you are on again this year.. Still didn't put much time into it this year either, but who knows this might be the year I win it all.. hahaha Let's Gooo Mountaineers!!!!

Jay said...

Wow. You didn't even put KY in the Final 4. I like it. You put my team (Memphis) out in the 2nd round... but you'll probably be right about that one. I'll join in on this madness too. As soon as I get a chance to fill out a bracket I will.

DarkoV said...

Tar HeelS?
Never again.
I can't believe we're related.
I'm going to have to do this just to make sure I don't see that damn Carolina blue past 2 games.

Alec said...

Oh Man Ivan, you're not really a Tar heels fan right!?

Master of Kung Fu and Jelly Making said...

I'm in. Notre Dame is going to shock y'all.

Ivan said...

@sanders - welcome to the partay.

Ivan said...

@Justin - welcome back to the partay.

Ivan said...

@Jay - i don't believe in Kentucky. I know they only had 2 losses. I don't believe in them. That being said, I didn't watch them play at all this year. So, it is a completely uneducated opinion.

Ivan said...

@Darko V - I hate to disappoint the father. But, that's what the keyboard decided. Not necessarily a UNC fan, but they are better than Duke and Kentucky. Those teams are the worst.

Ivan said...

@Alec - Nope. Not a UNC fan, but I am a fan of correct predictions.

Ivan said...

@Master - The only thing ND has going for it is the fact that Mike Brey used to coach for Delaware.

Master of Kung Fu and Jelly Making said...

So I guess ND didn't work out for me...

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