Monday, March 19, 2012

Montana Snow Pack - March 2012

In the Missoula valley, this winter has seemed unseasonably warm. Looking back at the last couple months, I can remember one true and very brief cold snap (in the single digits). For most of the winter, I thought these relatively warm conditions in the valley would translate to less than stellar snowpack in the mountains. But, all the rain we have experienced in the valley have translated to dumps of snow in mountains. These less than scientific observations aside, the snowpack relative to average has been steadily rising since January.

As of March 19, 2012, western Montana's snowpack is healthy. Most of the state's major watersheds have at least 100% snow water equivalent relative to normal snowpack. The upper Clark Fork and Bitterroot have 100% and 105% snowpack relative to normal. Here's to hoping that in the next couple months the high elevations continue to receive and hold snow and we get another healthy runoff with good water conditions into the summer and fall.


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