Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Greenfish CPR Mount - A YGF Review

The Greenfish CPR Mount was designed for use on a boat or kayak. The mount itself is comprised of a camera/video camera connection, a removable flex arm, a no-slip foam grip, an expansion locking system, and an additional mount connection. The expansion locking system was designed for locking the mount into most tubestyle rod holders and the additional mount connection is intended for easy use with a Scotty flush mount. I don't own a boat or kayak. Greenfish put together a nice video giving an overview of how the CPR Mount was designed to be used.

I don't own a boat or a kayak. Why do I want to use the CPR mount for my GoPro "video-ing?" There is no short answer. But, I saw the potential for adding a new element to shooting with the GoPro. The mount is sturdy, well constructed, and has several unique alignments that can produce improved and interesting angles for the handheld/wading GoPro user.

I have used the CPR Mount in the following ways. (Please excuse the faces - the same issue that plagues my hero shots apparently plagues my professional hand modeling - mean mugging and gaping moufs (that's mouths with an f))

As a pseudo steadycam.

The CPR Mount has some weight to it. It isn't overly heavy, but with enough weight towards to the bottom end of the mount, it serves as a reasonable steadycam for handheld cameras like the GoPro. Footage taken while walking behind a subject are noticeably steadier when the GoPro is attached to the top of the mount.
Panning shots - they are smoother
"Zooms" in and out. Push up style. Don't mind the stare down.
Did I mention smoother panning shots? Oh, I did. Well, it is worth mentioning.
A great deal of what the CPR Mount adds to the use of my GoPro is stability. The panning shots are smoother than handheld shots. Unlike the PVC pipe that I had previously been utilizing, there is no bend or give in the frame of the CPR Mount. That allows for steady pans and less shaky footage. The two hand "zoom"/push up alignment allows for arms length zooms to be made, adding another dynamic layer to the sometimes predictable set of GoPro shots.
High angles, you will be mine

Fully extended with the removable flex arm, the CPR Mount extends about 4 feet. Add some long arms, I can now get some high angle shots that were once just a bit of a pipe dream. Casting and catching shots will never be the same for YGF as long as I aim it right.

The CPR Mount was designed to be used with tubestyle rod holders and/or flush mounts. Beyond the no-slip foam grip, the grip on the mount weren't designed for hand held use. Although, one can comfortably use the mount while holding it around the expansion locking system or additional mount connection.

All photos courtesy of Zach from False Casts and Flat Tires.

Look for a some nice shots using the CPR Mount in the upcoming YGF video (video coming out next Monday or Tuesday).

My CPR Mount is making the rounds. Ryan Thompson of Swift Current Productions and Glacier Anglers used it in portions ofhis video "Lights Out" for the Simms Ice Out Shoot Out. Connor Scott of Glacier Anglers will be taking it on his trip to the Smith River and promised to share his thoughts on the CPR Mount when he returns next week.

The Greenfish CPR Mount retails for $95.99. With the purchase of a CPR Mount, Greenfish gives $4.00 to the charity of your choice (choose between Bonefish and Tarpon Trust, Fish America, Pier Institute, and Recycled Fish). I received the Greenfish CPR Mount from the friendly and knowledgeable guys at Headhunters Fly Shop. In addition to the Greenfish CPR Mount, Headhunters carries GoPro cameras and the associated GoPro accessories and mounts in their fly shop (off to the right hand side when you enter the shop) and in their online store. They also are a great source of information when it comes to putting together your next GoPro video. Seriously, email John (scumliner). He'll answer your questions.


DarkoV said...

Wondering if this Greenfish CPR Mount can be used in any way to alleviate the Phillies' hitting issues. You know, turn them from Woahs to Wows. Since the Mount seems to be able to extend quite far, can it extend far enough in the future to let us know that Utley & Howard will be coming back & will be contributing immediately.

Or can the Greenfish CPR Mount only be used for awesome fishing videos?
Jus' wonderin' in Philly...

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