Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Winner of the Fly Vines Giveaway

Thanks to everyone for participating in the Fly Vines giveaway. The Random Number Generator has spoken. By my count, there were 39 official entries to the FLY VINES giveaway. In an interesting twist, the RNG chose 1. That's right, the number 1. El Rakeman, come on down.

Internet Proof. The number 1 was chosen by the RNG. It never happens, despite the probabilities.
Shoot me an email at yukongoesfishing (at) gmail (dot) com with your address. I would love to include some YGF stickers in your Fly Vines package. But, I haven't forked out the big money required to make a couple stickers. (Read: I am a cheapskate who would rather spend his money on fishing instead of stickers. So much for self promotion.)

Again, El Rakeman....you won.


El Rakeman said...

Whooohooo! FIRST! Hahaha, random number generators FTW! Can you tell I'm excited about this!

Shirley Guo said...

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