Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The "I Can't Be Bothered" Finger

Earlier this month, I posted a picture of the groove/open wound that occurs with the regular use of 20 lb Maxima. Fish Jerks responded with a little line burn. Ooh, congratulations Fish Jerks, you got line burn...probably from a 2 inch trout. I re-respond with a picture of The "I can't be bothered with netting this 18 to 20 inch brown because it's just a decent fish on this glorious day of fishing...so I am going to try to hand line him in...oh, wait a second, 2x cuts through flesh pretty well when the "decent" fish isn't ready to be landed" Finger. It may not be as bloody as a line-burned finger, but I contend it is definitely not the same. How's that for a divisive statement....

For extra burn, add Cholula or Tapatio.


Fred Telleen said...

What you need is an ARC Dehooker. They have changed my life. http://dehooker4arc.com/freshwaterinshore Perfect for streamers. The panfish will work on hooks down to size 12. Unless I'm shooting a picture, I seldom touch a fish anymore. From small trout to King Salmon, its a breeze for the angler and the fish.

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