Monday, June 4, 2012

Yukon Goes Headhunting

Two days of fly fishing on the Missouri River with Headhunters Fly Shop's John "Scumliner" Arnold and Jared "Gandolf" Edens. Mother's Day Caddis, March Browns, Blue Winged Olives, and Midges were hatching...sporadically. While we had high sun on both days, we were still able to find some rising fish. On the Missouri, a few rising fish is actually a good deal of rising fish. I had my fair share of shots at some nice risers and dropped some ugly casts on them. But, we were still able to catch some nice fish on dries. Short leash nymphing was the primary producer and the "standard" Missouri River 16 to 19" rainbows showed up in force with a couple 20s and a 21 or two finding their way into Scumliner's skinny black net.

Yukon Goes Headhunting from Yukon Goes Fishing on Vimeo.

It should be noted that the Missouri River fish fight....hard. A twelve inch football of a rainbow took me to my backing in a couple seconds.

You may note that I did my first bit of acting in a YGF short in this one. Acting like I was waking up to an alarm clock was hard. The guys at Headhunters set me up in the Craig House for the weekend. The Craig House would easily fit six people. It was spacious, comfortable, three bedroom, two bathroom house next to the Rainbow and Brown cabins. As you can see from the video, it is a quick minute walk from Headhunters, which is a minute from the river. It was complete with a full kitchen and flat screen TVs with satellite. More than enough for this angler and some of his friends and it is a steal for groups of 4 to 6 people. The beds were extremely comfortable and I was out before my head hit the pillow.

Side Note: I think it should be obvious to everyone, Jared Edens is Gandolf, based solely on his stick skills and also his mean beard.

All this happened and so did some carp fishing.

Music: Santogold "Starstruck"


Lee said...

Living the dream man! Keep it up.

David Nash said...

big timer. I love it.

Clif G said...

I'm happy to see you coming around.


You guys are definitely the "wizards" of fly fishing. Awesome vid.

Fly Waters Edge - Kevin said...

Damn Ivan, Your getting getting pretty good at making those shorts. Good as anything I've ever paid money for! Awsome, must of had a blast!

Ivan said...

@Lee - thanks man. I will let you know when I am back in DE.

Ivan said...

@D. Nash - ha. we got the Moldy Chum double. Nicely done, sir.

Ivan said...

@Clif G - especially when they come in Amurrica Red, White and Blue cans....also, I like the Man Cans...also, I'm sorry.

Ivan said...

@The River Damsel - Jared has some crazy wizard skills.

Ivan said...

@fly waters edge - thanks kevin. glad you are enjoying them.

Anonymous said...

tell us about craig trout camp?

Ivan said...

Anonymous - Craig Trout Camp was amazing. you needn't worry. I will have a more detailed description to follow.

Ivan said...

Anonymous - scratch that. Instead of doing a separate post, I just amended this one. The trout camp is amazing.

Travis said...

awesome video ivan, my favorite yet for sure, a lot of sweet angles and shots, and put with a SWEET song.. very nice

Ivan said...

Thanks travis. Long time no see. Hope all is well.

Trent Sizemore said...

Sweet video and music!

Tyler said...
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