Monday, September 17, 2012

Smoke blankets Missoula

For the better part of two months, Missoula has had a blanket of smoke from several fires west of the valley including Idaho's Mustang, Powell SBW, McGuire, and the Sheep wildlife complexes. Sometimes the blanket of smoke is more of a sheet. Other times, it is a down comforter. With the recent presence of the Sawtooth fire located down the Bitterroot valley, the end of last week was a smokey one in the Missoula valley.

I flew out of Missoula for the weekend and have been able to escape the smoke...albeit temporarily. I took some pictures with the GoPro on the flight out.

The Missoula valley - filled with smoke
Cruising altitude. Never made a transition between smoke and clouds. Almost positive this is a blanket of smoke.
Somewhere over Wyoming. Smoke still fills the valleys.
Somewhat clearer skies. The smoke is behind us at this point.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Old Habits Die Hard

There is a sect of fly fishers who love them some trucker hats. Emblazoned with fly fishing company's and fly shop's logos, you'll see mesh backed trucker hats on a seemingly growing population of fisher people. I am not a fan. In a moment of weakness, I tried to fit in a few years back and wore a navy and white trucker hat. I didn't like it. I hate the harshly curved bill, breathability, and lack of Phillies logo offered by the trucker hat. Sure, it works for other people. I am not one to judge other people's fly fishing fashion choices.

But, I have a fitted baseball hat problem. I can't get away from them. I love baseball. I love the Philadelphia Phillies. I love fitted Phillies hats. Most of all, I love lamp. For whatever life occasion presents itself, I wear fitted Philadelphia Phillies hats. While I was back home for a friend's wedding, I came across these pictures from my "uwe-ff." Old habits die hard.


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