Monday, October 15, 2012

What Can Browns Do For You?

For those of you that aren't fans of YGF on facebook, the following may be news to you: (1) I caught a nice brown trout on the Big Hole and (2) I have left Montana and moved down to Colorado. The week before I left for Colorado I visited my favorite river in Montana for a farewell tour. The Big Hole treated me well. The streamer fishing was "lights out"(as some cool people say) and the big browns had their feed bags on (as other cool people say). I was lucky enough to catch a beautiful specimen of a brown trout which measured 24" in length and looked to be untouched.

Check out the video in HD. Enjoy.


Chris said...

Done with class as always. Fantastic fish. Good luck on the new fishery.

Steve Z said...

Nice! Good luck in the new digs.

Brent said...

Awesome. That last fish is a slab. I can certainly relate to 04:34.

Good luck in Denver. It's a good town.

Royal Wulff said...

damn. That was some good stuff right there. Look forward to the CO Experience. mike

DerekO said...

Sweet Brownie Ivan! That is one seriously good looking fish!!!

Arizona Wanderings said...

Love it. Well done on a great fish.


Fly Waters Edge - Kevin said...

Good Luck in Colorado?

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