Sunday, December 2, 2012

Costa Sunglasses: Geofish Vol. 1 - Mexico Review

I will be the first to admit it. After the first two F3T installments of GEOFISH, I didn't get "it." The journey MOTIV Fishing was taking didn't seem to pay off. The physical, mechanical and social troubles seemed to overwhelm the reward of landlocked tarpon and some seemingly underwhelming fishing.

GEOFISH Trailer from MOTIV FISHING on Vimeo.

I was wrong. I failed to see the big picture. After watching the full-length GEOFISH Vol. 1 - Mexico, I get it. I understand and embrace the journey that the MOTIV crew took. A journey that had plenty of interruptions and obstacles. But, one that paid off with some amazing fishing including some monster snook, bass, and billfish. The greatest honor I can bestow on location and fishing-driven fish porn is "Man, I want to go there and catch that." I definitely felt that way about the Mexican bass and snook sequences. I want to go to there.

All in all, it is a well-executed, compelling story of friends who like to fish and who will do a great deal to get into great fishing. To say I am looking forward to the next installment would be a great understatement. In case you were wondering, GEOFISH gets the imaginary YGF seal of approval and it is a worthy gift-to-self or gift-to-others for the upcoming holiday season.


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Aldrin Redfield said...

I knew I shouldn't have stopped watching after episode three. Now I'm wondering how their Mexican fishing trip went. It seems exciting.

Chris Holgreaves said...

It's so awesome to see an excellent individual like Corneilus go out and overcome the objective...Don't know too many people like him, but when its gametime, Glad to read your baits

grace said...

these look great for keeping the sun at bay in my most hungover of states

Jason Hopkins said...

Wow, the video alone is exciting! Now I want to do more fishing. They actually camped in the midst of Mexican forest? Brave people.-Jason

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