Monday, January 7, 2013

-14 to -1: Wandering in the cold with sticks

Colder than normal. photo credit: Matt Smythe
There aren't many times when I choose not break out the GoPro and grab some footage during a day on the water. Yesterday, was one of those days. My lack of motivation wasn't a function of a lack of good times, beautiful scenery, or fish. But, days that start around -14 degrees and don't end above zero tend to pare down one's "on the water" habits. In the end, it was a surprisingly productive day on the water with two of the fly fishing blogosphere's finest, Sanders and Matt Smythe. A day filled with camaraderie, icicle beards, hiking through fresh powder, brown trout, and size 24 midges drifting under air trapped in plastic.

The Fishing Poet displays why beards are crucial tools for winter fishing. photo credit: Matt Smythe
I would like to introduce a new "feature" here on YGF. "Pro Tips." A new, incredibly "helpful" and "insightful" feature filled with "common sense" "tips." Let the Pro Tipping being.

Pro Tip:
Don't catch fish when it's -14 F...unless, you want to see your finger hairs freeze.

My attempt at an ice beard. See above photo for real ice beardy-ness. photo credit: Matt Smythe
 Pro Tip: At -14 F, Rice Crispy treats are bad. Conversely, Pendelton is better than it will ever be.

Sanders offers some tiny flies to the William's Fork's inhabitants. photo credit: Matt Smythe

Pro tip: Don't fly on airplanes with an ear infection...unless, you enjoy temporary deafness. 

Sanders looks on as I flog a soft inside that held some diminutive browns. photo credit: Matt Smythe

Pro tip: Ice that forms in sub-zero temperatures is special ice. It is ice that has gained the ability to resist the powers of 35 degree water. Treat sub-zero ice with respect.

You've just been Pro-Tipped.


Mike Sepelak said...

Great stuff, Ivan. Good tips and better company. Hope you still have all your toes.

Gin Clear said...

Nice outing, guys. Wanted to fish the Williams Fork when I was out there a couple of years ago, but run-off got the better of us. Glad Matt was able to capture the fun. Nice pics!

Mike Sepelak said...

And I might add that you've ruined it for the rest of us. No one in good conscience can write about a cold day on the water now - especially us south of the Mason-Dixon.

Alex Landeen said...

total manness. Good job.

cofisher said...

Well I'm glad Matt got out while out here "working". Fun times guys!

Ivan said...

@Mike - Toes are intact. I don't want to speak for the others, but I would have been warmer if I was fully submerged in the Williams Fork. Perhaps, the walk back would have been dicey.

Ivan said...

@Gin Clear - It was my first time on the Williams Fork. I rather liked it. Well worth another trip out west, sir.

David Nash said...

pro tips noted. fo sho. now to get me some pendelton's.

Ivan said...

@Landeen - just add bacon.

Ivan said...

@cofisher - if only all our jobs were like that. I figured you might shy away from a day with those temps.

Ivan said...

@D. Nash - offering "informative" Pro tips could be my favorite thing.

Peter Patenaude said...

"respect the ice"
Great advice- wish it was taken more often.

Brian J. said...

Ohh THAT pendleton (as in not overpriced wool shirts). Way to get out there and brave the frostbite-- looks seriously cold!

Steve Zakur said...

I remember winters in Alaska nose hairs would freeze. Good fun.

Matt Smythe said...

Bacon is it's own Pro Tip.

Thanks for the photo shouts. That was a hell of a day. Totally one for the record books. The carpet of the hotel room under my pile of boots/waders was literally frosty after I moved them that evening.

And yea, @Steve Z, the nose hairs rebelled immediately upon opening the back door.

Fly Waters Edge - Kevin said...

Well I guess getting out in the 30 degree weather here tomorrow doesn't sound bad at all anymore.

reviveflyfishing said...

look totally miserable...and phenomenal. Well done gents.

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