Thursday, January 24, 2013

Lip AIDS - A DSP Staple

On the lookout for Lip AIDS (photo credit: SchnitzerPHOTO)
By no means am I an experienced carper. I caught one on the Missouri. But, I am embracing the pursuit for the golden ghost, unlike some of Chum's commenters. Denver and it's hinterland have some great carp water including the misunderstood and often polluted South Platte through Denver. This month, Russell Schnitzer (of SchnitzerPHOTO) and I have tried our hand at catching the often invisible January Denver-South Platte (DSP) carp. While we haven't connected with a winter carp yet, we have experienced everything else that DSP has to offer, including a valuable life lesson (AKA Pro Tip).

Pre Lip AIDS - the good old days (photo credit: SchnitzerPHOTO)
DSP Pro Tip - Don't use textured fly lines while fishing for carp on the DSP. Textured fly lines have a habit of "grabbing" water. When double hauling textured fly line that is coated with the clear waters of the DSP, water shoots off the line and flies onto your lips and provides your lips with a burning sensation I like to call Lip AIDS.

Chemical makeup of DSP - Water, Steel Reserve, and Lip AIDS (photo credit: SchnitzerPHOTO)
DSP Pro Tip - Listen to the homeless. As we headed north towards Florida Avenue, a homeless man on the banks enjoying a taste told us "You're walking the wrong way, all the fish are south." We thanked him for his advice and continued north. We were wrong. He was right.

Winter Carping. (photo credit: SchnitzerPHOTO)

Check out SchnitzerPHOTO on facebook and instagram. Believe it or not, he takes amazing photos of things other than me.


die Fische said...

Lip AIDS...that's good. I think i come pretty close to catching this every time i go urban bass fishing on Shoal Creek here in downtown Austin.

cofisher said...

Never doubt the word of the homeless guy.

Joey Macomber said...

I hear ya on the lip aids, I feel itchy thinking about that river. Good Luck catching the golden ghost.

Ivan said...

@die fische - the next day, my lips got sunburnt. I am not convinced the DSP didn't have a significant role in the sunburn.

Ivan said...

@cofisher - truer words have not been said my friend.

Ivan said...

@Joey M. - my time with DSP golden ghosts will July or something.

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