Friday, January 4, 2013


I would be remiss if I did not mention a piece of beautiful work that two of the fly fishing blogging community's most talented and genuine people, Matt Smythe of and Rebecca Garlock of OBN, The Outdooress, and Fly Fishing Ventures, were involved in. Collaborating with photographer Grant Taylor and others to form Silo4, they have created an inspiring film titled "A Deliberate Life." It is debuting here tonight at 6:30 in Denver with the IF4 at the Denver Merchandise Mart. If you are in town, come and watch.

"A Deliberate Life" (Trailer) - Official Selection, IF4 2013 from IF4 on Vimeo.

This year's IF4 lineup is stacked with some other good looking films from Rolf and Peter (Frontside Fly and Kokkaffe Media), Detonation Studios, Peter Laurelli, Marc Crapo, and more. It is an exciting time for fly fishing video. Enjoy it.


Gin Clear said...

I couldn't agree more, Ivan. Please no spoiler posts, I plan to see the films in two weeks in Marlborough.

David Nash said...

I'm hoping there is a trip close to Norfolk. If not, I may have to try and raise money to sponsor our own event. Looking forward to the next vid.

Ivan said...

@Gin Clear - No spoilers. I promise.

@D. Nash - indeed. it was worth it.

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