Friday, January 25, 2013

The Anatomy of Defeat

There is a very well-proportioned rainbow trout that lives in the Dream Stream that has graced the end of my line for a combined 10 seconds on two separate occasions. It is quickly becoming my NEMESIS FISH. Below is a visual of my most recent defeat. I hope the third time is the charm...if only he liked streamers and not size 22 midges.

In pixelated GIF form, if you prefer.


Anonymous said...

catfish hunter

GeeRam said...

Ivan - take it you've honed in on him and are casting via sight?

Same spot both times?

Michael Agneta said...

I enjoyed the pixelated GIF tremendously. Go get 'em Ahab.

Fred Telleen said...

That is what I refer to as a fetal position trout. At least you can try again.

Michael Heitman said...

Wondering if success vs Nemesis is inversely proportional to time taken to set up the shot. That is indeed my working theorem, proof positive why there is zero photographic evidence I have ever landed any fish of consequence. That you will one day disprove this theory and rewrite the laws of physics, I have no doubt. Look forward to that day! Mike

David Nash said...

I like this.

mike doughty said...

the 'dream stream' holds some really nice fish

Ivan said...

@anon - i don't know what that means. thank you????

Ivan said...

@GeeRAM - same spot both times. however, I have heard from a reliable source that they dropped the flows and he is no longer holding there.

Ivan said...

@Troutrageous - if only i had a harpoon.

Ivan said...

@Fred - indeed. there are a couple in there.

Ivan said...

@Mike - this could be the best comment my blog has ever seen. no offense to others who commented on the this post...but, this one takes the cake.

Ivan said...

@d. nash - If an Ivan fails in the woods, is anyone entertained? Answer: No. I am glad to failing on the river for your entertainment. It's better than failing for no one's entertainment.

Ivan said...

@mike doughty - I am coming to realize this fact. One of them will be mine. Hopefully, on a streamer.

John Klovt said...

This was a good suggestion that you put up here...dude…..hope that it benefits all the ones who land up here. 

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