Monday, March 18, 2013

A New Addition to the YGF family

YGF has been a little quiet of late. Between working on videos for The Fly Collective, fishing, and taking care a new addition, coming up with new content for the blog has been a slight issue. Said new addition is a now four-month old Border Collie-Lab/German Shepherd-Lab/German Shepherd-Border Collie/Kelpie-Lab/Kelpie-Border Collie (take your pick...only time will tell) mix, my girlfriend and I picked up from a local rescue group in late January. For at least five years, I have been the dog equivalent to the stereotypical baby-crazy woman (or man, I guess) who greets and engages with every random strangers' dog within 500 feet of my person for awkward lengths of dog-Ivan interaction.

Whatever breed Bosley is, he certainly is high energy, intelligent, and friendly. But, like all puppies he is a bit of a $hithead. I am looking forward to sharing the water with the Boz. In his first couple months with us, he has already made it out on the water a couple of times and met a trout or two. Each successive trip out, his interest in my pursuit of trout seems to strengthen. More importantly, he has already shown an impressive amount of respect/fear of the water. I will cultivate that. Here is an excessive photo dump of the Boz dog. Any tips or tricks are welcome in the comments or via email.

Bosley's first day as part of the YGF family
The dog enjoys snow days
Post snow day
One ear up, one ear down. The LL Cool J of ears.
Bosley meets his first trout courtesy of Pinchetruta
YGF and Jr. enjoy some of Colorado's best

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