Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Scales, Tail, and Whiskers

Not cat whiskers. Cats are the worst. Carp on the other hand....

After plying the urban waters of Denver on the warmer winter days in search of carp, I finally found some that were cruising, mudding, and eating. After missing two hooksets on some slightly larger carp, I finally connected with a 4 to 5 pound common carp. After a couple smaller runs, it found it's way into my Nomad. The next one will be 20 pounds....


Brian J. said...

Urban fishing is the best (sometimes). Way to get out there!

These photos are makin' me itch... uhh, like, in a good way.


From Montana trout to Colorado carp... We need to get you back for a visit! Ha. The scales are amazing though!

Clif G said...

I came here expecting to see a catfish. Cool pictures anyway.

Brent Wilson said...

Great shots Ivan. You are in a sweet spot for urban carping. Enjoy.

Howard said...

Actually that is a pretty cool shot of the carp. Good job Ivan.

David Nash said...

atta boy

Anonymous said...

To bad your an arrogant ass. I've seen you and your buddy on The Dream Stream and you lack serious river etiquette and respect for the fish or fellow anglers. It's guys like you that ruin this sport

Ivan said...

@brian - they should make you itch in a bad way too.

Ivan said...

@River Damsel - I like carp. But, a visit back to Montana is definitely in order.

Ivan said...

@Clif - sorry to disappoint. next time i wont lead you on.

Ivan said...

@Brent - indeed. But, these DSP carp are real a-holes. I want to catch them all.

Ivan said...

@howard - glad you found some beauty in a common carp.

Ivan said...

@david - parallel worlds my friend.

Ivan said...

@anon - well, if you already think I'm an arrogant ass, it won't hurt my standing with you if I correct your grammar. Instead of "To bad your an arrogant ass," it should be "Too bad you're an arrogant ass..." Sorry you feel that way, I would love some specific examples of river etiquette violations or disrespect of anglers or fish. I can't recall of a time when I've low- or high-holed anybody on the Dream, yelled at other anglers, or abused a fish. Please be specific if you are going to slander my name Anonymously.

Anonymous said...

You're always drunk an loud as fuck, completely disrespectful of everyone else. The language that you guys use is so vulgar it makes a sailor blush. Some of us work and how you act affects others. Your videos are subpar and your and your attitudes are even worse

Zara @PhD in Finance said...

My, you have a very advanced camera. The photo is very awesome coz’ it’s so clear and vibrant. I can see that you are very fond of fishes. I hope you could also feature coral reefs and dolphins. I really adore dolphins for being cute and friendly. Thanks again for sharing!

Ivan said...

@anonymous - you should reread that and check yourself. you still haven't been that specific. keep it up and you'll find yourself deleted.

reviveflyfishing said...

Nice pics Ivan. The scales on that first one are great. You have been doing some serious work lately. Keep up the good work.

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